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Here are all the Japanese cars made in the USA

Just how many Japanese cars are actually made in the US? It's a lot. We added it up.

GM is pulling Cadillac back from its bold luxury experiment by dismissing division boss

Johan de Nysschen's preoccupation with challenging BMW, Audi, and Mercedes may have undermined Cadillac's brand mojo.
I don't drive.

Trump’s ignorance about the Chinese auto market is hurting US companies — and Elon Musk isn’t helping

President Donald Trump just makes doing business in China, the world's largest auto market, more difficult for US automakers.
The Tesla Model S.

Tesla’s latest recall could be just the beginning — here’s how it compares with other car companies

The recall comes at a time when Tesla's stock has been getting hammered down from previous highs.
Trump announced a tariff on imported steel and aluminum.

Ford says Trump’s new tariffs could hurt US companies’ ability to compete

While Trump's tariffs may hurt automakers' business; it's possible that they'll take them in stride. But higher prices could be on the way.

Ford just named its new North America boss after the former executive resigned over ‘inappropriate’ behavior

Ford has promoted its chief marketing officer and Lincoln chief, Kumar Galhotra, to run its all-important North America business.

Costco is selling more cars than ever before by offering one key perk

Costco's car business is thriving, thanks in part to a perk that sets it apart from the competition.

Trump and California are about to go to war over auto MPGs — and carmakers are caught in the middle

The US Environmental Protection Agency on Monday rejected an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient.
The new Jaguar I-PACE.

Automakers are facing an unprecedented shift in the industry — and it’s great news for consumers

It's a fortunate historical anomaly for the car business: an extended sales cycle, cheap credit, affordable gas, and a boom in profitable vehicles.

These 14 companies dominate the world’s auto industry

Chances are, you drive a car made by one of these companies.