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The Shake Shack restaurant on Astor Place only has automated kiosks — no cashiers.

Shake Shack is adding more cashless kiosks as part of a trend sweeping the fast-food industry. Here’s how to use them.

Shake Shack announced plans to go cashless by replacing cashiers with automated kiosks in October 2017. But many customers hated the idea of a cash-free restaurant, and Shake Shack soon abandoned those plans, though it still plans to add ordering kiosks to new locations.

This futuristic cafe relies on robots to take your order and make your coffee — no human interaction required

Cafe X uses robots in lieu of humans to build out coffee orders. But despite the stigma accompanying the industry's automation trend, the company said it's focused on "humans working alongside technology," not replacing them.

Robots could replace as many as 10,000 jobs at Citi’s investment bank

"We’ve got 20,000 operational roles. Over the next five years could you make it 10,000?" Jamie Forese, the president of Citi and chief executive of the bank's institutional clients group, told the Financial Times in an interview.
Not a fan of China trade duties.

Tesla close to hitting a key Model 3 production goal — but Elon Musk says the the process has been ‘hellish’

Tesla's Elon Musk has said the company needs to be making 5,000 Model 3 vehicles a week before it can start generating profits. The company is finally nearing that target, he said Tuesday.

We ordered from McDonald’s new kiosks to see if they’re better than real cashiers — and the winner is surprising

McDonald's is rolling out a new way to order at its restaurants. Kiosks have increased accuracy and efficiency for fast-food chains. But are kiosks better for customers to use?

Las Vegas casinos prepare to hemorrhage $10 million a day as their workers, fearing their jobs will be replaced by robots, get ready to go on strike

Hospitality and entertainment workers in Los Angeles are preparing to go on strike in wake of 50,000 union contracts that expire on Friday, June 1. The chief concern among these Las Vegas workers is that their jobs will be replaced by robots.
A man prepares a meal near a "help wanted" sign hanging in a restaurant window in San Francisco

The world’s working-age population is set for a slowdown — here’s what that could mean for the global economy

Economists predict workforce growth around the world is set for a slowdown, and some worry about what that could mean for the global economy.

Here’s what really happens to your car when you use an automated parking garage

Automotion Parking Systems builds custom automated parking garages. The systems are designed to be modular and customizable where platforms move cars between different levels and spaces efficiently. Here's more on how they work.
Café X's robot barista can make 120 drinks an hour.

A $25,000 robot barista serves 120 cups of coffee an hour — and it is part of a growing ‘robot revolution’ that could kill millions ...

Trendy coffee roasters including Intelligentsia, Ritual, and Equator have partnered with Cafe X Technologies to create a $25,000 robot barista. The robot, which operates as the sole barista in a San Francisco café, can make any drink you would expect at a standard trendy coffee shop.
Vayyar's sensor technology can detect the positions of people and objects.

This company is creating a product with ‘Superman vision’ that can ‘see’ through solid objects

Vayyar is an Israel-based company that's developed a sensor that can "see" through solid objects using radio frequencies.