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Johor Sultan drove Mahathir to the airport in his first-gen Proton Saga: Here are 5 things to know about the classic Malaysian car

Did you know the first-gen Proton Saga won prestigious awards in the UK? Here are 5 things to know about the Proton Saga.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

100,000 Americans could have their jobs destroyed by Trump’s trade war

A report published by the research house Oxford Economics says that in the worst-case scenario the impact of President Donald Trump's tariffs would knock 0.1 percentage points off US gross domestic product in 2019.

Nearly-dead valet startup Luxe has been acquired by Volvo

At its peak, Luxe was a $110 million company, but it shuttered its app in April.

Here’s everything we know about Tesla’s new electric-car rival Faraday Future

Tesla is no longer alone in the all-electric vehicle market.

This new on-demand transportation app wants to be ‘the Amazon Prime of cars’

You'll be able to lease a brand-new car entirely through your smartphone, and have it delivered to you. The $300-per-month service also comes with some extras.