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GM will promote more than 1,350 temp workers to full-time jobs as part of agreement that ended 40-day strike

The employees will transition to full-time employment across 14 plants across the US in the first quarter of 2020.

Tesla analysts up and down Wall Street are painting an ugly picture as the focus turns to all-important delivery numbers

"We raise our delivery estimate to ~85k vehicles from ~75k, but still forecast ongoing losses," the Barclays analyst Brian Johnson wrote in a report.

Another Tesla analyst just slashed his price target for the 3rd time this year ahead of critical delivery numbers

Analyst Colin Langan cut his target to $160 from $200, citing second-half delivery concerns. Langan also reduced his earnings estimates through 2023.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla slumps after Consumer Reports says it will no longer recommend the Model 3 due to ‘reliability issues’

Tesla shares dropped Thursday after Consumer Reports said it would no longer recommend the Model 3 due to "reliability issues."
Trump railed against GM for cutting jobs. It's partly his trade war's fault.

GM warned Trump that his China tariffs would hurt jobs. He now complains that it’s happening.

Though President Donald Trump railed against GM's decision to close plants and ax jobs, his trade war helped trigger the events in the first place.

Volkswagen has lost its crown and is no longer the world’s biggest carmaker

Volkswagen sales are yet to feel the full force of the emissions scandal, but they're already losing ground to Toyota.

The Drive is a new website in the spirit of the greatest car magazines

Time Inc. just launched a new site, The Drive, that's recreating the spirit of Car & Driver.