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Can you find the clock set back one hour?

This daylight saving time brain teaser contains a hidden clock turned back one hour — can you spot it?

This daylight saving-themed brain teaser contains dozens of clocks set to 10 o'clock on a busy city block, but only one of them is turned back one hour.
Can you spot the sun in the leaves?

People are struggling to find the sun among the leaves in this autumn-themed brain teaser — can you spot it?

With daylight saving time (DST) going into effect on November 4 this year, sunlight will be harder to come by as the clocks turn back one hour. The sun is also difficult to find in this fall-themed brain teaser. Can you find the sun among the leaves?
The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are a great choice.

17 of the best places in the US to visit in the fall

Sometimes the best time to travel is in the fall months when the leaves begin changing colors. From Portland to Tarrytown, here are some of the best places in the US to visit in the fall if you want to enjoy autumn festivals, apple picking, and gorgeous fall foliage views.
Feeling down in winter could be a sign of a real condition.

People with seasonal affective disorder could be more at risk of becoming alcoholics — here’s why

Cold, dark days can lead to people seeking comfort in food and alcohol.
The 2013 Harvest Moon in Washington, DC.

Here’s when to watch tonight’s harvest moon — and what makes it so special

This particular moon appears massive and takes on a reddish-orange color, not unlike a great pumpkin. Here's how to watch the harvest moon on October 5th.

People are accusing Starbucks of debuting the Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier every year — here’s the truth

Consider the "PSL arrives earlier every year" theory thoroughly debunked.

Here’s when the beautiful fall colors on trees will peak in your area

Depending on where you are, the leaves might have turned in late September, or wait until early November.

Fall leaves are about to get less colorful

The ideal recipe for brilliant colors is a combination of sunny fall days and cool nights — which the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are unlikely to see.

This startup will ship you exactly 3 leaves for $20

With Ship Foliage, even city dwellers and Californians can experience the joy of a New England fall.