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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft is acquiring a startup that will help its cloud customers control how their data is being used

Microsoft is acquiring BlueTalon. It fits into Microsoft's hybrid cloud strategy, which allows customers to use both private data centers and cloud.
Microsoft's Project xCloud, running "Halo" on a smartphone.

Microsoft is creating the ‘Netflix for games’: Here’s everything we know so far

Microsoft is building the "Netflix for games." Here's everything we know about the ambitious plan to own the streaming future of gaming.

Everything we know about the future of Xbox, from a disc-less console to next-gen hardware

Between a steady supply of credible rumors and Microsoft's own statements, we know a lot about the future of Xbox.
Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s results beat Wall Street on the top and bottom lines — but it reported disappointing Azure sales

Microsoft's fiscal first-quarter revenue and profits topped analysts' expectations.

Microsoft could ‘leverage LinkedIn’ to dominate the business software world

LinkedIn and Microsoft Dynamics make up a tiny fraction of the software giant's revenue, but one analyst thinks the company can kick them into high gear.

Microsoft is rising after announcing that it’s partnering with Xiaomi to make AI and cloud computing devices

Microsoft and Chinese tech giant Xiaomi have partnered up to collaborate on cloud computing, AI, and hardware.

UBS: Microsoft is ramping up what may be its biggest profit machine yet

Microsoft could be ramping up investments in its cloud platform, sending its revenues soaring, according to UBS.

A Microsoft employee was forced to download Google Chrome in the middle of his presentation, and it’s the most cringe-worthy thing you’ll ...

This video might make you laugh, or cry, or feel incredibly embarrassed for Microsoft — or all the above.

The explosive growth of Microsoft’s cloud business, in one chart

Microsoft isn't just about selling Windows these days.