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The Hanover Deluxe has memory foam and mesh straps for non-slip comfort.

Lo & Sons makes bags that are expertly designed for travel — I was able to fit a weekend’s worth of items in its largest backpack

Lo & Sons backpacks are designed to fit more without the clutter. For a weekend home, it was the perfect size to carry everything I needed.

8 startups making cool backpacks for adults — from $40 basics to $900 splurges

They're made from premium materials like leather and they're thoughtfully designed to consider the needs of the modern commuter and traveler.

I never travel without this $17 backpack — it fits a ton but can still fold up into the palm of my hand

I purchased a $17 backpack from Amazon and I will never travel without it again. This bag is lightweight, easily packable, and spacious.

The best packable daypacks you can buy

These are the best packable daypacks you can get to supplement your luggage without taking up too much space.
This photo shows the CWF bag on the left and an average backpack on the right.

A store is selling giant oversized backpacks for $234 and people are actually buying them

Japanese retailer Plywood is selling oversized backpacks designed by CWF that come in three colors: "sand beige," "olive drag," and "black."

The best convertible backpacks that turn into tote bags

These are the best convertible backpacks that turn into tote bags to make your commute or daily travel as easy as possible.