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US Marines march to the beach from a landing craft utility during an amphibious assault in Klaipeda, Lithuania, for exercise Baltic Operations 2019, June 16, 2019.

75 years after D-Day, the US Navy and Marines are still training for sea invasions, but now right by Russia’s shores

In June, the US Navy and Marine Corps and their partners put on the 47th Baltic Operations, practicing complex missions in a tense part of the world.
Multinational ships and ships assigned to Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) in the Baltic Sea during the annual Baltic Operations exercise, June 9, 2019.

The US Navy is practicing to ‘up the game’ against an old but still dangerous threat

At this year's Baltic Operations, the US Navy and its partners are working to increase their ability to thwart a longstanding but still potent threat.

Interesting cockpit video shows a Russian fighter running up on a US B-52 bomber

Russia released video footage of a Russian fighter intercepting a US bomber near its border. The video was shot from inside the fighter's cockpit.

Russia says it intercepted a US Navy patrol plane over the Baltic Sea — an increasingly common occurrence around Europe

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet recently intercepted a US Navy P-8A Poseidon over the Baltic Sea, Russian state media outlet Interfax said Monday.
Russian servicemen drive S-400 air-defense missile systems through Red Square in Moscow during the Victory Day parade, marking the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, May 9, 2018.

‘We’re getting a lot better’: The head of the US Navy’s newest fleet says it can counter one of Russia’s favorite tactic...

Russian and NATO forces are both increasingly active in Eastern Europe, and Western military planners have their eyes on what Moscow is deploying.
Russian servicemen take part in the Zapad-2013 military exercise in Kaliningrad, September 26, 2013.

As NATO gets ready for its biggest military exercise in years, things are heating up closer to Russia

NATO is prepping for Trident Juncture, its largest exercise in years, which will be based in Norway. On the opposite end of the Baltic Sea, however, Russia and NATO have been enhancing their military readiness for years.
A screengrab from a YouTube video showing DFDS ferry Regina Seaways arriving into Lithuania.

An engine room explosion on a ferry in the Baltic Sea has left 335 people stranded

Regina Seaways, a ferry run by Danish company DFDS, caught fire after an engine room malfunction on Tuesday afternoon on a trip from Germany to Lithuania. DFDS said nobody was injured.

Watch a Danish jet intercept a Russian bomber over the Baltic Sea

Intercepts between the west and Russia have increased since 2014.

Russia took a jab at NATO on Twitter for close calls in the skies over Eastern Europe

Moscow claims that 20 foreign aircraft, six of which were intercepted, flew close to the Russian border this last week.

Russian and NATO pilots are testing each other’s wills in the skies above Eastern Europe

"What we see in the Baltic Sea is increased military activity — we see it on land, at sea and in the air," the NATO secretary general said.