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The CEO said that change is "overdue."

Gap’s CEO says the retailer wants to shift Banana Republic from a ‘historically’ ‘skinny brand’ to one that’s more...

Gap first acquired the chain in 1983, just five years after the apparel brand's founding. Recently, the retailer has struggled with lagging sales.

Gap craters as sales slump at Old Navy

Shares of Gap were down more than 17% on Friday after the company missed analyst expectations for Q1 earnings, driven by slow sales at Old Navy.

Save 15% on a mattress at Leesa and 50% on bike gear at REI — plus 6 other sales and deals happening now

We rounded up the 8 best sales and deals happening today, with savings on Leesa mattresses, clothes at Banana Republic, and REI's bike gear.

Save 30% on shelving systems and drawer organizers at The Container Store — and more of today’s best deals from around the web

Save on a robot vacuum, the Apple Watch Series 3, most items at Banana Republic, winter staples at Eddie Bauer, and more today.
Gap is struggling.

Old Navy is one of the most successful stores in retail right now — but Gap’s struggles are raining on its parade

Gap is struggling as its sister brands flourish. Old Navy is doing especially well.
Almost everything at Banana Republic was on sale.

We visited Banana Republic and J.Crew to see which was a better store, and the winner was clear

Banana Republic and J.Crew compete to reach the same customers, but they both have struggled in recent years. The stores have been criticized for their styles, prices, and quality. We compared the shopping experience at both — here's the verdict.

Gap plunges on earnings

Gap reported a disappointing first-quarter which missed EBITDA and earnings estimates due to the Gap brand weighing on company margins. However, its Old Navy and Athleta brands continue to show strength and Jefferies recommended the company reduce exposure to the Gap brand at a faster pace.

Banana Republic is destroying Gap

Gap Inc. has lots of problems, and Banana Republic might be its biggest issue.

We went to Banana Republic and saw why it’s Gap’s worst nightmare

Banana Republic's July sales were down. It's clear why.