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10 ways you didn’t know your bank could save you money

Waiving overdraft and early-withdrawal fees and offering free admission to cultural attractions are some of the ways your bank can save you money.
Learn how to withdraw money using your account and routing numbers.

How to pay your bills using ACH transfers, so you can avoid processing fees and ditch checks forever

Learn how to withdraw money with your account and routing numbers so you can save money on transfer and card fees.
Any income-earning side hustle should probably have its own bank account.

A bank account for your side hustle might seem like overkill, but it’s a smart move you’ll be glad you made

A side job, side hustle, or freelance project may feel like a small hobby, but it is a real business that can and should have its own bank account.

OCBC is now offering instant approval for cards and loans, and credit cards will even be delivered on the same day

OCBC Bank said it would include mortgage and car loans under the scheme "in the near future".
Some couples may be happier in their marriages if they maintain a level of independence — including separate bank accounts.

I keep my money separate from my spouse — and it’s key to happiness in our marriage

Couples sometimes think that they need to share everything in marriage — including money. However, having separate finances allows for some perks.
Having more cash in the bank isn't how you build wealth.

I’m a financial planner — here are the best pieces of advice I can give you about what to do with your cash

Cash in the bank is a good thing — until you have too much. If you have more than $250,000 in the bank, your money is at risk, and you're not using that money to your best advantage. It's wiser to only keep a certain amount of cash in the bank at any given point — and make the rest work for you.

Malaysia’s PM Dr Mahathir denies freezing of Najib and family’s bank accounts was an act of vengeance

Dr Mahathir claimed Najib had treated him worse, yet he "did not complain".

Most people probably don’t know Goldman Sachs offers a savings account with excellent perks — and anyone can use it with just $1

A savings account from Goldman Sachs offers depositors a high yield and no costs. Marcus is available for anybody to open an account.