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President Donald Trump displays an executive order imposing fresh sanctions on Iran in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, on June 24, 2019.

Trump’s new Iran sanctions are part of a ‘high risk’ strategy that could lead a conflict he doesn’t want, experts warn

The sanctions came just a few days after Trump abruptly halted a military strike against Iran after it shot down a US Navy drone.
A sign states that encroaching on the 300 foot perimeter around the Clooneys home will result in a 500 euro fine.

The Obamas are vacationing at George Clooney’s Italian villa, and people can’t get within 300 feet or they get fined

The mayor of Laglio, Roberto Pozzi, introduced a €500 ($570) fine for any person, or boat, that gets too close to Clooney's Villa Oleandra.
Barack and Michelle Obama.

Take a look inside the luxury French farmhouse where the Obama family is currently vacationing that costs $62,000 per week

The lavish property is said to have been built during the 18th century, and covers 62 acres of land, according to its website.

Here’s what’s in the landmark nuclear deal that Iran is starting to walk away from amid tensions with Trump

Iran on Monday announced it will stop complying with a key portion of the Iran nuclear deal amid heightened tensions with the US.
Former US president Barack Obama in Avignon, France.

The Obamas spent Father’s Day at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the south of France where a meal costs $118 per person

The Obamas are currently on vacation in Avignon — a medieval town and former seat of the pope in Provence.

Joe Biden says he’ll bring consensus back to Washington’s ‘broken’ politics, but it was nonexistent while he was vice presiden...

Biden on Tuesday told a crowd in Iowa he's not "naive" to believe consensus and finding a "middle ground" is possible. History suggests otherwise.

The Obamas and Bidens threw a joint party to celebrate women in their family graduating high school

Joe Biden said his granddaughter and Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha, are good friends as he revealed the two families got together for graduation.
US President Donald Trump (L) and China's President Xi Jinping leave a business leaders event at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9, 2017.

The world is less confident in US leadership since Trump became president, and is now more confident in China, a new report shows

Global confidence in US leadership experienced a "precipitous drop" after President Donald Trump was elected, according to a new report.
Company E, was one of the first divisions to land on the beach during the Normandy invasion.

5 legendary speeches delivered on D-Day’s blood-stained battlefields and beyond over 75 years

"Whenever the world makes you cynical, stop and think of these men. Whenever you lose hope, stop and think of these men."
Former President Barack Obama told ESPN's Michael Wilbon that Gary Payton's defense made Michael Jordan look like Kobe Bryant.

Obama took a small jab at Kobe Bryant while talking about Michael Jordan and the NBA Finals

Former President Barack Obama told ESPN's Michael Wilbon that Gary Payton's defense made Michael Jordan look like Kobe Bryant.