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Tools of the trade at Proper Barber Shop at 3923 Tennyson street on January 31, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. The barber shop has two locations in the metro area.

The father of a 13-year-old boy was unhappy with his son’s haircut so he went back to the shop and shot the barber

A disgruntled customer shot a male employee at a barbershop in Katy, Texas, after a dispute over his 13-year-old son's haircut.
There's something not quite right here.

A 23-year-old barber stapled condoms to his business cards, but people were quick to point out a major flaw

By stapling the cards to the condoms, he poked holes in them, rendering them useless.

The best barbershops in New York City

Where to get the best shave, undercut, or fade in New York.

The 10 professionals every stylish guy needs to befriend

Put down the phone and start forming these important relationships pronto.