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A Harvard professor says your answers to 2 questions will help you become more successful in life

Eric Barker, of "Barking Up the Wrong Tree," got advice on success from a Harvard professor: Find your strengths and the environments where you can use them.

Why valedictorians rarely become rich and famous — and the average millionaire’s college GPA is 2.9

Eric Barker highlights research that finds following rules and doing well in school don't predict success later in life.

Here’s the strategy Navy SEALs use to persevere through impossibly tough conditions

Eric Barker explains how positive self-talk helps Navy SEALs make it through the most challenging situations — and how it can help anyone succeed.

Ask yourself 4 questions to figure out if you’re successful

Eric Barker highlights Harvard research that suggests there are four key components of success — and explains how to know if you're fulfilling each one.

The story of a Harvard PhD with a chronic illness will help you pinpoint how you should be spending your time every day

Eric Barker writes about a super successful guy who struggled with chronic illness and learned that he had to focus on doing just one thing every day.