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Author Emma Witman has witnessed countless first dates and seen all the worst mistakes people make.

I’m a bartender who’s witnessed countless first dates — here are all the things you’re doing wrong

I've seen several mistakes people make on their first dates, like getting too drunk, underdressing, or not having enough money to cover the bill.
Women went from being barred from bartending to having most of the industry's jobs.

16 pictures that show how much being a bartender has changed over the years

Here's how bartending went from a seedy profession to a career that opens doors for many people across the country.

Bartenders reveal the 13 brands of liquor they love the most

Patrón has been named the most-beloved liquor brand by bartenders overall. Here's what they recommend to vodka, rum, whiskey, and cognac drinkers.
There are a lot of places to order bourbon-based cocktails in New York City.

12 bartenders share their favorite drink to make

We asked bartenders from around the US what their favorite cocktails are to make. They named some classics and some unique drinks.
The author, pictured above, has some advice for customers who show up in big groups.

The 9 most annoying things your group can do at a bar, according to a bartender

As a bartender, I often treat big groups better when they make my life easier. Here's what you're doing wrong when you're in a group at a bar.

Bartenders share 13 things they’d love to tell customers but can’t

There are some things that bartenders just won't tell you, even if it's to everyone's benefit.
No one would stop restaurants from pocketing these tips.

Waiters and bartenders could be forced to hand over their tips under a proposed Trump administration rule

Restaurant servers could see their paychecks take a hit if a newly proposed change to the Fair Labor Standards Act goes through.
Vodka drinkers, beware.

What bartenders REALLY think about vodka drinkers

Ordering a vodka drink speaks volumes to bartenders.
For the love of Pete, just stop.

19 terrible things bartenders wish you would stop doing

Bartenders weighed in on the most annoying habits they've seen among customers, from finger-snapping to gum-leaving to ordering all wrong.
Maybe steer clear of mixed drinks from now on.

A bartender says there’s a disgusting reason to order beer or wine over cocktails

A survey of bartenders found that some bars and restaurants don't keep their ice machines as clean as they should — and it could make you sick.