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I can’t imagine not having a bidet after trying this attachment — even my husband bought a second for himself

I purchased this inexpensive bidet that easily attaches to my toilet to see if I'd like it. Spoiler alert: I love it.

The best hand soap

Washing your hands is key to staying germ-free and healthy. These are the best hand soaps you can buy from Softsoap, Method, Jergens, and more.

The EPA recommends using these home-cleaning products on surfaces to protect against the new coronavirus

The EPA has a registered list of cleaning products expected to be effective against COVID-19. Here are the products and where to buy them online.

The best essential oil diffusers

Your oil diffuser selection should depend on the environment you wish to create. Here are the best ones we've tested.
Seeing how well the shelf organized my products, my roommate bought one for herself and her side of our shared bathroom.

I’ve used these easy-to-install shelves from Amazon for 2 years — they declutter my bathroom counter and hold all my daily skincare and pe...

If you need to free up space in your bathroom, try the Orimade Bathroom Shelf. It makes efficient use of areas that would otherwise go to waste.

The best bathroom cleaning products you can buy

Cleaning the bathroom isn't fun, but with the right cleaning products, it's definitely easier. Here are the best bathroom cleaning products to buy.

How to use a bidet – it’s easier than you think

Americans are just starting to catch on to the common sense benefits of bidet use. Now, bidets are becoming an even more attractive alternative.

I have three bidets in my home but have been using this as my main one for two years — it has a heated seat, good water pressure, and two self-s...

I've been on Team Bidet for seven years and my family has three bidets in our house, but the Brondell Swash 1400 is still my favorite. Here's why.

How to disinfect every room in your house

Here are the techniques and products I've used to disinfect throughout my 20+ career as a house keeping expert.

Blueland is a new household cleaning startup that helps you reduce single-use plastic consumption — here’s how the products perform

Blueland's household cleaning products are part of a sustainable, affordable system that involves dissolvable cleaning tablets and reusable bottles.