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Bear Grylls convinced Roger Federer to climb the Swiss Alps and eat fish eyeballs — and he said it was scarier than playing a Grand Slam final

Federer told Grylls how he was outside of his comfort zone, and was much less scared when playing tennis. Grylls said it just shows everyone has fear, no matter who they are. Then the pair had a game of ping pong, which Federer won.
Park visitors enter Legoland Florida.

Shares in the owner of Legoland are collapsing after it warned terrorism is hitting business

Merlin Entertainment experienced "difficult summer trading" across Europe "as a result of the series of terror attacks and unfavourable weather."

How Bear Grylls got Obama to eat half-chewed salmon from a bear on tonight’s ‘Running Wild’

US President Barack Obama approached the show because he's a fan, and his team felt that Grylls has 'strong international reach.'

President Obama is set to run wild with Bear Grylls for an episode on NBC

POTUS will be hitting up Alaska with the British adventurer.