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Before-and-after photos show the dramatic effect lockdown is having on pollution in India

India is home to some of the world's most polluted cities. While it won't last forever, air pollution visibly dropped amid the country's lockdown.
Beautiful flooring was uncovered during a renovation of Jersey City's City Hall.

Builders renovating City Hall in Jersey City uncovered and restored the original tile floors from 100 years ago

Mayor Steven Fulop shared photos of the original tile flooring that was found beneath a layer of vinyl during a recent renovation of City Hall.
A composite image of Via Dolorosa during Good Friday in Jerusalem in April 2019 and April 2020.

Before-and-after photos show the usually packed route Christians take to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem empty due to coronavirus lockdown

On Easter, thousands descend on Jerusalem and walk the route Christians believe Jesus took before he was crucified. This year, the streets were empty.
A composite image of Copacabana beach in Rio before and after the coronavirus.

Before-and-after photos show how deserted Rio de Janeiro’s bustling beaches are during the coronavirus pandemic

Rio de Janeiro's most famous beaches are deserted after the city's governor declared a state of emergency.
A composite image of Venice Beach Boardwalk in California.

Before-and-after photos show how deserted California has become since going on lockdown

Here's what California's popular spots, like the Santa Monica Pier and Carlsbad's flower fields, look like during coronavirus lockdown.
A composite image of Grand Central Station before and after the coronavirus.

Before-and-after photos show how fear of the coronavirus has emptied out New York’s biggest landmarks

New York is in a state of emergency, as it deals with the coronavirus, and many iconic spots are empty. Here's how that looks.
Arber Bytyqi transforms brides on their wedding day.

A makeup artist shares before and after photos that show how brides transform for their big day

For brides who want a dramatic, luminous style that looks like it's straight out of a bridal magazine, makeup artist Arber Bytyqi has them covered.
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

10 celebrities who have closed their tooth gaps

What do Demi Lovato, 50 Cent, Keith Urban, and Pete Davidson all have in common? They've closed the gaps in their teeth.
Sara Puhto posts "Instagram versus Reality" photos to her Instagram.

A woman’s side-by-side images show the reality behind the ‘perfect’ Instagram photo

Sara Puhto shares "Instagram versus Reality" photos to demonstrate how poses can drastically change your appearance in pictures.
Before and after Photoshop.

A photographer shares before-and-after pictures to show how Photoshop brings his images to life

Kevin Carden turns his living room into breathtaking scenes with the magic of Photoshop.