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That's the bird.

A pigeon sold for $1.4 million in an auction — seriously

A pigeon sold for $1.4 million in an auction. He's a racing bird named Armando. It's a big deal. But people have pointed out that it's silly, too.
Nicole Hanselmann.

A women’s cycling event came to a momentary halt when the leading rider almost caught up with men who had set off 10 minutes earlier

'Maybe the other women and me were too fast,' the lead cyclist at the time Nicole Hanselmann said. 'Or the men too slow.'

74 years ago, the Nazis launched their last great western offensive of World War II — here are 13 photos of the Battle of the Bulge

On December 16, 1944, more than 200,000 German troops slammed into Allied lines in Belgium in the Nazis' last great western offensive of World War II.

A car reportedly crashed into Theresa May’s convoy in Belgium

The British prime minister was traveling with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. Neither was hurt. Local news outlets described it as an accident.
Romelu Lukaku has become one of the biggest soccer stars in the world.

Manchester United and Belgian star Romelu Lukaku talks about his World Cup experience, the end of his international career, and a little advice Jay-Z ...

Romelu Lukaku has become one of the best strikers in the world with Manchester United and the Belgian national team. After a wild run in the World Cup, Lukaku is adjusting to the Premier League and set to continue to improve.
Romelu Lukaku said his generation was hungrier for success.

Romelu Lukaku says younger soccer players aren’t as hungry for success anymore because they can make more money at an early age

Romelu Lukaku said the next generation of Belgian players is skilled and has access to better training, but he worries about their hunger because of the money they've been making.
The 2018 World Cup may have been Romelu Lukaku's last.

Romelu Lukaku says he plans to retire from the Belgian national team after 2020 and won’t play in the Qatar World Cup

Romelu Lukaku told Business Insider that he doesn't see himself playing for the Belgian national team after Euros in 2020. He said in two years, the next generation of Belgian players can come for his spot.

The star of the most clever play of the World Cup explained how he set up a game-winning goal without touching the ball

Romelu Lukaku's dummy play against Japan in the World Cup took some excellent field vision and intangible chemistry with his teammates. He said it was one of the best plays of his career.

Belgium defeats England 2-0 in third place match at FIFA World Cup

Belgium defeated England 2-0 in the third-place match in 2018's FIFA World Cup. The finish is the best a Belgium team has ever had at the soccer tournament. The two teams played in the group round as well with England failing to score in either game.
President Donald Trump walks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Brussels.

Trump ended NATO summit by showing up late and blowing off meetings with 2 world leaders

President Donald Trump scrambled on the last day of the NATO summit in Brussels, skipping meetings with at least two world leaders and prompting an emergency meeting.