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FBI agents said Bernie Sanders is an ‘idiot like Trump’ and worried his supporters would hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign

FBI Agent Peter Strzok said Bernie Sanders was an "an idiot like [Donald] Trump" in a text message revealed in a brutal report from the Justice Department's inspector general on the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Maryland teenager indicted over death threats against Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris

"You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard when I use my second amendment protected firearm to rid the world of you, you stupid, crazy old fool," a message sent to Sen. Bernie Sanders said.

‘You can’t make this stuff up’: Bernie Sanders, Democrats blast Trump’s decision to back down on sanctions against Chinese tec...

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Rep. Adam Schiff, and other Democrats all blasted President Donald Trump's decision to reverse sanctions on Chinese telecom giant ZTE.

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to raise wages, and it’s a major signal on where the Democratic Party is headed

Sen. Bernie Sanders and other Democratic senator introduced a plan to strengthen labor unions on Wednesday. Sanders said the plan, named The Workplace Democracy Act, would help boost worker wages and combat income inequality.

Bernie Sanders is about to roll out a plan to guarantee every single American a job

Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gilibrand are all backing new plans to guarantee every American a job.

Bernie Sanders praises Cardi B for supporting FDR and Social Security

Sen. Bernie Sanders agreed with Cardi B's praise of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Social Security.

Bernie Sanders joined Trump in criticizing Amazon, saying he thinks Jeff Bezos’ company has gotten too big

Amid Donald Trump's attack on Amazon, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is calling for closer scrutiny of the retail giant's "power and influence."
Bernie Sanders

A new poll found that a majority of Americans support a radical change to the US healthcare system

59% of Americans support a Medicare-for-all system similar to the one proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and other liberal Democrats.

Raising the minimum age requirement for gun purchases is looking like a long shot for Congress

A proposal to raise the minimum age requirement for all gun purchases is failing to gain any steam in the Senate, even with backing from President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump went on a tweetstorm Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Republicans and Democrats slam Trump after he rages on Twitter about Mueller’s Russia indictments

Politicians from both sides of the aisle spoke about the implications of Robert Mueller's recent indictments, criticizing President Donald Trump in the process.