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Dan McMackin started at UPS as a package loader. Now, he's a PR manager.

Companies will hire 700,000 seasonal employees this year. At UPS, some of them are bound for the C-suite.

Investing in your employees is expensive. "We're 111 years old. You don't get to be 111 if you are strictly on quarterly reports," says UPS PR manager Dan McMackin.
The Little Village neighborhood in Chicago's South Side.

JPMorgan Chase is investing $10 million into Chicago’s South and West Sides as part of a $500 million worldwide plan

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon announced $10 million in commercial real estate loans for Chicago's most underserved areas as part of "AdvancingCities."

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says it’s time we recognize ‘having a social conscience is good business’

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban said one of his investments, Paladin, is a great example of why businesses with societal benefits can thrive today.
Jay Coen Gilbert is using B Lab to fight against what he says are the toxic effects of shareholder primacy.

More than 2,600 companies, like Danone and Patagonia, are on board with an entrepreneur who says the way we do business runs counter to human nature a...

After leaving the basketball-apparel company AND1, Jay Coen Gilbert founded the B Corporation movement, aimed at toppling shareholder primacy.
Just Capital CEO Martin Whittaker presents on stage at IGNITION 2018.

Here’s what Just Capital’s CEO presented at IGNITION 2018 about investing in companies ‘for good’

"We think there's a movement happening here," Just Capital's Martin Whittaker said at IGNITION 2018.

8 key takeaways from Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget’s opening IGNITION keynote on ‘Better Capitalism’

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget kicked off IGNITION 2018 on Monday with remarks on the role of businesses and shareholders in our current economy.
Baupost Group CEO Seth Klarman.

Iconic hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman explains why traditional business models are broken and outlines how companies can fix them

Baupost CEO Seth Klarman said that the traditional notion of shareholder value maximization is not sustainable for a healthy economy.

Fast-food companies like McDonald’s struggling to find workers should take a page from the playbook of places like Disney and Target

The best way to get more employees in fast-food industry is to raise wages and allow workers to organize, writes Wall Street veteran Morris Pearl.
"B Corp" and "benefit corporation" sound alike, but they're different designations.

More than 2,000 companies worldwide and 34 states are signing on with a designation most people probably have never heard of

Companies like Patagonia and Danone North America have registered as B Corps, and benefit-corporation legislation has bipartisan support in the US.
"The financial investors are taking risks with their money, while the employees are taking risks with their life," said Hubert Sagnières, pictured.

At $49 billion company Essilor, employees are the largest shareholders — and the CEO says that’s the best way to do it

Essilor adopted an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) back in 1972. Its CEO and chairman, Hubert Sagnieres, explains how it benefits the company.