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Detroit is a large city that lost hundreds of thousands of residents over decades. Its downtown, where Bedrock's development is focused, became increasingly vacant.

Billionaire Dan Gilbert has already bet $5.6 billion on Detroit’s future, but money can’t solve his biggest challenge

Dan Gilbert, the billionaire founder of Quicken Loans and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has invested $5.6 billion across 100 Detroit properties in the past eight years. To achieve his mission of revitalizing the city, he needs Detroiters on his side.

The founder of a top Silicon Valley startup got interrupted during a board meeting when he showed a slide of 5 new female hires, and it offers a lesso...

Heidi Roizen, a partner at top-notch Silicon Valley venture capital firm DFJ, asked Memphis Meats founder Uma Valeti to stop a presentation he was giving when he showed a slide of five new hires, all of whom were women.
Student loans weigh on many employees.

Companies from corporate giants to hot startups have begun offering perks and programs to tackle employees’ stifling student loans

Companies big and small — including IBM and fitness startup Peloton — offer student loan repayment benefits to employees. Research shows employee financial stability is linked to overall well-being and work performance, and many workers prefer companies who offer student loan debt benefits.
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research president Jay Bradner

A Novartis executive explains why the pharmaceutical industry has a ‘contract with society’

"We have a contract with society, and society is our shareholder. A company like ours exists to have definitive impact on life threatening diseases, to keep people alive and healthy for a long, long time, full stop," Novartis executive Jay Bradner told Business Insider.
Pfizer executive vice president of corporate affairs Sally Susman

A Pfizer executive explains why she sees a group of 90,000 people as the most important stakeholders in the drugmaker

"The shareholders are important, sure, but so too are a lot of other groups and to me none more important than the 90,000 people that work for Pfizer," Pfizer executive Sally Susman told Business Insider.
JD Vance, second from left, and Steve Case, third from left, ride the Rise of the Rest bus with their colleagues and guests in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Billionaire Steve Case has taken a big red bus through 26 states to bet $150 million on finding the next big startup — here’s where heR...

AOL cofounder Steve Case and "Hillbilly Elegy" author JD Vance are leading the $150 million Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, dedicated to startup communities outside of Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston. Its network now spans 26 states.
The Rise of the Rest bus is a luxury coach where the Rise of the Rest team and their guests cram in. Most guests try to maximize the potential of the conversations on the bus.

I spent 2 days on a bus with billionaire AOL cofounder Steve Case and ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author JD Vance as they scoured the South for the ...

In May, I joined AOL cofounder Steve Case and "Hillbilly Elegy" author JD Vance on an investing bus tour in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. I realized it was more than just a self-serving spectacle.
Steve Case, foreground with sunglasses, is leading a "Rise of the Rest" initiative across the United States. Louisville is the first city he's brought a bus tour to twice.

One of the newest emerging startup scenes to watch is in Louisville, Kentucky — and big names are starting to take notice

Louisville is best known as the home of the Kentucky Derby, but it has an exciting young startup scene that's supported by both its mayor and governor. Steve Case has found it to be an investing destination worth revisiting through his Rise of the Rest initiative.
Shawn Arvin presents to the Rise of the Rest team at Love City, a Google-backed community center in Louisville, Kentucky.

In one of Louisville’s poorest neighborhoods, a formerly abandoned community center is making enormous strides — and even Google has taken...

In a recent "Rise of the Rest" investing trip to Louisville, Kentucky, AOL cofounder Steve Case highlighted the accomplishments of Love City, a Google-funded community center that aims to bring opportunity to the struggling Portland neighborhood.
Jeffrey Hollender.

NYU Stern professor: Sustainability is ‘good for humanity, but it’s better for business’

Sustainability isn't just good for humanity — it's good for business, said Jeffrey Hollender, cofounder and former CEO of the sustainable consumer product company Seventh Generation, current co-CEO of Sustain Natural, and professor of sustainability at NYU Stern.