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People are breaking lockdown rules to have sex. Some say they don’t feel guilty about it and would do it again.

A survey by the UK affairs website IllicitEncounters.com polled people on their sex habits during lockdown.

The Dutch government reportedly suggested single people find a ‘sex buddy’ for lockdown

The Netherlands' "intelligent​ lockdown" allows up to 3 guests to visit households — if they keep a 1.5-meter distance, posing a problem for singles.

Vibrators should be covered by health insurance, says former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who was asked to resign as US Surgeon General for saying masturbation is good for you, said vibrators have many health benefits.
Assistant store manager Jesus Alvarez rings up groceries from behind a new plexiglass barrier at Ralphs Kroger grocery store after California issued a stay-at-home order in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Los Angeles, March 30, 2020.

Research suggests the coronavirus can linger in the air in crowded areas and hospital rooms — but you probably won’t walk through virus &#...

The World Health Organization says the coronavirus is not airborne. But some research suggests otherwise.
A shopper lines up outside a Home Depot store in St Louis.

Appointment-only stores, hand sanitizing stations, and robots stocking shelves: Here’s how our shopping experience could change in the wake of t...

"We are working on how we come out of this, what we are going to look like, and how are we going to make it so our customers feel comfortable."
People are spending stimulus money on delivery and takeout.

From weed to video games, here’s how Americans are spending their stimulus check money

Most people are spending the $1,200 on groceries. But a lot of people are spending on streaming services and video games as well.
Fan Zhongjie, a respiratory doctor in charge of about 30 critical COVID-19 patients in a Wuhan, Chin hospital, writes encouraging words for a patient on February 25, 2020.

Healthcare workers can carry coronavirus particles on their shoes, new CDC research shows

A small study of a hospital in Wuhan, China showed that half of the samples taken from medical staff's shoes tested positive for the coronavirus.
Cardiac-surgery patients were moved so the space could be converted to critical-care rooms for COVID-19 patients.

Dispensed: It’s hard to feel safe on the front lines, healthcare workers face pay cuts, and some good news

Welcome to Dispensed. This week, the next coronavirus hotspots, why summer's likely canceled, and a plane full of N95 masks.

10 coronavirus symptoms you may not be aware of, from malaise and dizziness to digestive issues

It's becoming clear that COVID-19 doesn't just cause a fever and cough. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, confusion, malaise, and more.

Dispensed: NYC’s hospitals brace for more cases, what the stimulus bill means for the healthcare industry, and the changing ways Americans are g...

Welcome to Dispensed. This week, how NYC's hospitals are faring amid the influx of coronavirus patients and a stimulus bill is on the table.