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Holmes at the company's headquarters.

Dispensed: An Alzheimer’s drug flameout, a new depression drug, and a Stanford professor who saw through Elizabeth Holmes early on

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Google Pixel phones and any other Android will benefit from the occasional cache clearing.

How to clear the cache on your Android phone to make it run faster

If you clear the browser and app cache on your Android phone periodically, you could help eliminate performance issues on the device.

23andMe can now tell you your risk of developing diabetes, based on your DNA. Here’s what doctors want you to know.

The report uses your genetics and other information about you to figure out how likely you are to develop Type 2 diabetes.

14 apps everyone should have on their phone

People spend most of their time in just a handful of apps. These are the best ones.

The 8 best Apple Watch features that totally surprised me

Exploring the Apple Watch Series 4 has led me to find features I really like and wasn't necessarily expecting.
Keep your iPhone from being inundated by robocalls and other spam.

How to stop robocalls and other spam calls from reaching your iPhone

There are several ways to stop your iPhone from receiving robocalls and other unwanted spam calls, but no single remedy is a perfect solution.
Our 2019 Honda Pilot Elite test car.

We drove a $49,000 Honda Pilot to see how the new family SUV stacks up against rivals from Toyota and Ford. Here’s the verdict.

The base 2019 Honda Pilot LX with front-wheel drive starts at $31,450. Our top-of-the-line all-wheel-drive Elite trim test car starts at $48,020.

Apple is rumored to release a pair of high-end headphones this year, and they will probably be a huge hit like AirPods

Even if Apple's headphones don't look much different from the competition, they will be very popular.
Marijuana use in pregnancy is on the rise, according to research.

More women are using marijuana while pregnant, but doctors aren’t sure how it might affect their babies

As marijuana use during pregnancy increases, experts say we still need more research on the drug's effects on those pregnant and breastfeeding.

Here are the latest predictions for Apple’s 2019 products, according to one of the most reliable Apple analysts

Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a few predictions about Apple's 2019 product lineup.