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NetApp CEO George Kurian

The CEO of NetApp says the trade war won’t end this year and the tech company is preparing for ‘a variety of difficult outcomes’

NetApp CEO George Kurian says he's seeing more caution in enterprise IT spending because of the economic uncertainty.
Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder, chairman, and chief technology officer.

Oracle has quietly altered course on the way it sells its ‘private-cloud’ product, a key area of its cloud-computing strategy

Oracle is increasingly depending on its database as the key to its cloud. But market researcher Gartner isn't sure it can ever become a major player.
Larry Ellison, Oracle CTO and executive chairman.

Larry Ellison explains Oracle’s restructuring and layoffs: Some of our business units are ‘melting away’ and ‘we just don̵...

Oracle has been conducting layoffs for months. Chairman Larry Ellison explains which business units are the problems and which are the stars.