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The interior of the German air force Airbus A-310 "Medivac" in Cologne, Germany before its departure to Bergamo on March 28.

Inside the German military’s Airbus A310 ‘flying hospital’, which is transporting coronavirus patients from Italy to Germany

The German military Airbus A310 "Medevac" has 44 beds, including six intensive care units.
A composite image of me waiting in a very quiet Stansted Airport, and the empty security area.

I flew from London to Dublin to be with my family during the coronavirus. Here’s what it was like to fly in Europe as it shuts down over the out...

"London's Stansted Airport was almost entirely deserted, and my flight was the emptiest one I'd ever been on."
A Japan Airlines plane.

A Japan Airlines flight attendant tested positive for the coronavirus after flying between Tokyo and Chicago

Japan Airlines said 12 other cabin crew members came in close contact with the female staffer. They have been asked to stay home.
A JetBlue aircraft landing at Long Beach Airport.

JetBlue is waiving fees for canceling or changing flights because of the coronavirus, the first US airline to do so for all routes

The aviation industry is worried about a slowdown as the coronavirus has spread to at least 40 countries, and has infected more than 82,000 people.
A composite image showing a hare in Germany in 2019 and an Aer Lingus plane.

A plane was forced to turn around and land back at Dublin airport after hitting a hare on the runway

Planes frequently hit animals, and it can be a risky situation that has the potential to cause engine failure, which could bring down the plane.
A Vietjet Air flight at Seoul's Incheon International Airport.

I flew on Vietnam’s award-winning budget airline known for its bikini-clad flight attendants 3 times in one week, and it was an emotional roller...

I flew on three Vietjet Air flights in less than a week on a recent trip to Vietnam. Here is what flying on the budget airline is really like.
Boeing has increasingly embraced automation, but some have pushed back.

The Boeing 737 Max crashes have revived decades-old fears about what happens when airplane computers become more powerful than pilots

The Max took some control from pilots and gave it to computers. People in the industry say they've warned of dangers with this kind of system for years.

Boeing is flying the 737 Max around the US with test crews and no passengers to prepare for the plane’s return

Boeing is running test flights in advance of regulators testing the 737 Max to see if it should fly again after two fatal crashed killed 346 people.
Seoul's subway system is a public transportation star.

I rode Seoul’s famous subway system for a week to see if it’s really the best in the world, and saw why New York will never catch up

Seoul's subway beats New York City's on value, cleanliness, timeliness, and pretty much every other measurable factor.
A composite image showing a Geely car in Frankfurt in 2005 and Tesla CEO Elon Musk with a Tesla Model X in California in 2015.

A Chinese car company said it will make a virus-proof car, and people are comparing it to Tesla’s ‘biological warfare’ mode

Geely is investing millions in trying to develop cars that can filter our viruses, just as China fights the deadly coronavirus.