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Walmart's new partnership with ThredUp will feature "new" and "like new" clothing and shoes.

Walmart is now selling used goods from Nike, Coach, Michael Kors and more as it dives into the $32 billion resale market

Walmart is partnering withe the resale site ThredUp to sell used clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags on its website.

Anchor stores like JCPenney and Macy’s once drew crowds to suburban malls. Now their struggles could push hundreds of malls into extinction.

Malls will struggle to find replacement tenants for the large, multi-story buildings that department stores occupy as businesses halt store growth.

One chart shows the astonishing growth in online grocery shopping over 9 weeks as the pandemic set in

In late April, year-over-year online dollar sales of groceries surged as much 300%, according to the analytics firm M Science.

Walmart is killing off its most popular app as online shopping reaches record highs — and it’s a brilliant strategy

Walmart is merging its grocery app and its main app, so shoppers don't have to visit two places to buy food, toys, tools, and more.
Shoppers wear masks as they wait to enter a Costco store during the outbreak of coronavirus in Washington state.

A Costco worker is being praised online after he told a shopper who refused to wear a mask to leave the store

Costco said that starting May 4 all shoppers must wear masks to visit its stores.

Walmart CEO reveals why the company is shutting down Jet.com and says he would make the $3.3 billion acquisition ‘all over again’

Walmart acquired Jet to capture affluent customers and high-end brands, then started attracting those customers and brands on its own.

Target saw same-day pick-up and delivery soar by 278% last quarter as Americans flocked to stock up amid pandemic

Target reported its first-quarter 2020 results on Wednesday; online sales were up 141% during the quarter.
Kroger is shutting down a store to the public so it can focus only on online orders.

Kroger says it won’t force employees to repay extra ‘Emergency Pay,’ after sending some workers letters that demanded refunds

Kroger said it overpaid "Emergency Pay" to some workers due to an accounting error. The company said it will not seek repayment of the funds.

Walmart’s CEO reveals the 3 key phases of shoppers’ pandemic spending, from grocery stock-up trips to stimulus-induced splurges on televis...

During the third phase of spending that was spurred by government stimulus funds, shoppers bought televisions, apparel, and toys.