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Pamela Anderson's high-cut swimsuit in "Baywatch" certainly left a mark on pop culture.

16 of the most iconic swimsuits of all time

From the first bikini designed in 1946 to Halima Aden's 2019 Sports Illustrated cover, these influential swimsuits have made a lasting impact.
Taiwanese mountaineer Gigi Wu died after falling into a ravine.

A Taiwanese mountaineer known as the ‘bikini hiker’ has died of suspected hypothermia after falling into a ravine

Gigi Wu was reportedly hiking by herself in Taiwan's Yushan National Park when she fell into a ravine and was left unable to move.

‘It’s about women’s rights’: Baristas working at ‘sexpresso’ stands are suing for their right to serve coffee in b...

Baristas working at "sexpresso" coffee stands are suing for their right to work wearing nothing but barely-there bikinis.