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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ net worth plunged by $3.4 billion in Monday’s stock rout — and the rest of the world’s super rich lost $117 billio...

A global stock rout sparked by US-China trade war fears made a 2.1% dent in the fortunes of the world's 500 wealthiest people, Bloomberg reported.

There are 22 Singaporeans in Forbes’ 2019 Billionaires list – including the founders of Haidilao, Hotel 81 and Osim

This is the first time that the co-founders of Haidilao – Zhang Yong and Shu Ping – made it onto the list with a combined wealth of US$8.6 billion.

From internet sensation to China’s youngest female billionaire: meet 24-year-old Zhang Zetian

Zhang was listed in Chinese New Fortune magazine's top 500 rich list this May.