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Tons of different flu viruses circulate among shore birds in New Jersey.

Birds poop out flu viruses that could become deadly global pandemics. These scientists swab their butts to protect us from that threat.

Each May, a troupe of flu researchers hustles to the Jersey shore, hoping to gather clues about the next deadly pandemic flu, before it's too late.
That's Petey.

A man called an Uber to rescue an injured baby bird because he was too drunk to help it himself

In June, an injured baby bird arrived alone at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Utah. A man called an uber for the animal because he was drunk.
Snowball, the cockatoo.

A cockatoo named Snowball taught itself how to dance — and it knows 14 unique moves

Snowball, a cockatoo, first went viral for its dance moves in 2007. Now, scientists believe he's taught himself 14 distinct moves.
The curry-covered seagull.

A rare bird spotted in England turned out to be a seagull covered in curry

A curry-covered seagull made news in England when passing motorists mistook it for a rare tropical bird.

The best wild bird seed and food you can buy

If you like to feed wild birds in your backyard, you need the right bird seed and food to attract different species. These are the best you can buy.
Pilots with Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 (VMFAT-501) fly the F-35B Lightning II during the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Air Show, April 27.

A bird beat up a Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighter, causing at least $2 million in damages

A bird fought a Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter in Japan. Nobody won.
You can hear this picture.

A Boston neighborhood is being overrun with aggressive turkeys: ‘It’s extremely scary. It’s frightening’

The birds are causing a problem for locals, who fear the animals.
Cassowaries are native to New Guinea and Australia.

10 birds that look eerily similar to their dinosaur ancestors

All birds can be traced back to dinosaurs, and many have retained traits, like extra claws and pouched beaks, of the dinosaurs they evolved from.
The trumpeter swan was over-hunted.

10 birds that came back from the brink of extinction

With the work of conservationists, animals can come back and thrive. Here are 10 bird species that returned from the brink of extinction.
The cassowary is thought to be the most dangerous bird.

10 terrifying birds that will give you nightmares

Birds can be beautiful and majestic but they can also be quite dangerous. Here are 10 birds that might scare you.