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The hormones in birth control pills affect everyone differently, so speak with your doctor about what dose to start.

How to choose the right birth control pill for you and when to start taking it to prevent pregnancy

If you're taking a combination pill of progestin and estrogen, you'll be protected from getting pregnant in seven days after starting the pill.
The pill is one of the most common methods of birth control.

What to do if you miss a birth control pill before and after having sex

If you accidentally skip a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If you don't realize until it's time for your next dose, take both pills at once.
If you're taking multiple doses of Plan B each week, consider another type of birth control.

There’s no limit to how many times you can take Plan B, but doctors say you shouldn’t use it like a regular birth control pill

If you're taking multiple doses of Plan B each week, consider another type of birth control so that you're not reliant on Plan B.
Restricting funding for organizations that provide abortion information may put low-income women at risk of unwanted pregnancy

How to get the birth control that’s right for you

Most people get a prescription by visiting a doctor, but new options are emerging to get birth control directly from a pharmacist or even online.
Researchers have not found a link between most modern birth control methods and weight gain.

Does birth control make you gain weight? Research is clear it does not

When oral contraceptives first came out in 1960, the amount of estrogen and progestin was much higher than it is today causing weight gain for some.
Painful period cramps, aka dysmenorrhea, affects more than half of women who menstruate.

Yes, birth control helps with cramps but some methods are better than others

Dr. Kecia Gaither recommends women take combination contraceptive pills that have estrogen and progestin. Other options are patches and the ring.
28% of Americans use birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.

If you get pregnant while on birth control, stop taking it immediately

If you stop your birth control method early in pregnancy, you shouldn't experience damage to your health or your baby's.

Yes, you can still get pregnant if you’ve had your tubes tied

Your odds of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation procedure are between 1% to 3.7% and depend on factors like age and surgery type.
An expired condom could break during intercourse.

How long it takes for condoms, birth control pills, and other types of birth control to expire

Some condoms last longer than others. Latex and polyurethane condoms expire after 5 years but condoms packaged with spermicide expire in just 2 years.
The longer you wait to take it, the greater chance you have of possibly getting pregnant.

You can take Plan B up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, but that’s not when it’s the most effective

The longer you wait to take Plan B after unprotected sex, the less effective it is and the greater your chance of possibly getting pregnant.