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Middle child syndrome probably isn't a real thing.

‘Middle child syndrome’ isn’t what you think — here’s what it really means

Middle children are supposedly excluded and sour, and although this isn't necessarily true, it nevertheless instills some psychological side effects.
As usual, it's all their fault.

Oldest children tend to become the richest and most successful — and it could be thanks to their parents

Your success in life — meaning your intelligence, your personality, your job, and your salary — may be influenced by your birth order, an economist argues. Other researchers don't quite agree.

Every year, firstborn kids dominate Harvard’s freshman class

More of the incoming class of 2021 are firstborn than any other position in birth order, according to the Harvard Crimson's freshman survey.

How your birth order predicts the rest of your life

If you're the baby in the family, you're more likely to be self-employed when you grow up.
Middle children tend to be independent and empathetic. Princess Charlotte pictured.

Princess Charlotte is now a middle child — here’s what that could mean for her future

Princess Charlotte became a middle child with the birth of the third royal baby. Here's what research suggests about the fate of middle children.