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A neat desk can help you feel more organized and productive.

9 things you should never keep at your desk

Your desk should be organized in a way that maximizes productivity and your ability to perform tasks efficiently at work. A cluttered, messy desk can negatively impact your ability to perform your job. Here are nine things you should never keep at your desk.
You should always keep compact, multi-functional items in your purse.

12 things you should always keep in your purse

Your purse keeps essentials all in one place. There's a fine line between wanting to be prepared for anything and carrying around a 15-pound bag. The things you keep in your purse should be items that are essentials, compact, and multi-use. Here are 12 items you should always have in your purse.
You'll only want to keep items you would be okay with losing.

9 things you should never keep in your purse

There are some items you should always keep in your purse, like wallets, keys, and hand sanitizer. Other items, like sensitive documents and old receipts, should definitely be left at home. Here are 9 things you should never keep in your purse in the case that it's lost or stolen.
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek described one of his management strategies as "excruciating."

Employees at Spotify rarely work the same job for more than 2 years — and the CEO says that’s on purpose

According to CEO Daniel Ek, Spotify jobs are highly likely to change — and that's a good thing. Employees might retain the same the title, but the nature of the work they do changes significantly over time. He's said that he thinks of jobs as "missions," not static roles.
Three former IBM employees are suing the technology company.

IBM is being sued for age discrimination — here’s what to do if you think your company treated you unfairly because of your age

Three former IBM employees are suing the technology company for age discrimination. The tech company has fired more than an estimated 20,000 employees aged 40 or older in the last six years, according to a report. Here's what to do if you're discriminated against in the workplace based on your age.
You might not know about these small cities.

The best places to live in the US right now are under-the-radar cities many Americans have never heard of

MONEY released its 2018 list of best cities to live in, and Frisco, Texas topped the list. Several of the other 49 best places to live in the US are probably cities you've never heard of. But the opportunities there may be more accessible than what's in New York, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco.
Using credit cards can lead to mindless purchases.

I stopped using credit cards completely in an attempt to get out of debt — here’s what happened

Credit cards play a large role in debt for Americans. Laura McCamy stopped using credit cards to pay off her debt — but without revolving credit, her credit score evaporated. Though giving up credit cards can reduce debt, there are some unexpected problems that come with cutting the cards.
It's a concept he picked up from Steve Jobs.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who just bought Time Magazine for $190 million, says he lives with a ‘beginner’s mind’ — hereR...

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff just purchased Time Magazine for $190 million. In an interview, he said that he lives with a beginner's mind, as opposed to an expert's mind. Keep reading to find out exactly what the billionaire means.
This is no laughing matter.

CVS’s notoriously long receipts have been turned into memes, made into Halloween costumes, and lampooned on national TV — but employees sa...

CVS promised to do away with its super-long receipts in 2016. But most shoppers say they're still around. Business Insider talked to five CVS employees from around the country to see if anyone uses these super-long receipts.
Depending on where you live, going car-free can save you money and time.

I got rid of my car 10 years ago and I haven’t regretted it once

Having a car can be expensive and inconvenient, depending on where you live. Author Laura McCamy, who lives in the Bay Area, decided to give up her car 10 years ago, which has saved her money and reduced her stress levels. Here's why she plans to stay car-free indefinitely.