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Former Square General Counsel Hillary Smith, left, and CEO Jack Dorsey

Square paid $8 million for a super star tech lawyer, then she stepped down after 16 months on the job

BI Prime: Hillary Smith is replaced by Sivan Whiteley, a five-year veteran of Square who help lead legal on its bitcoin launch. Smith will stay on at the $22.5 billion payments company through September.
Staff working a different event at The Box burlesque club in Manhattan

I went to the exclusive after-party where cryptocurrency investors blew off steam with drugs and naked dancers

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts attended an exclusive party at a burlesque club in downtown Manhattan on Wednesday night, after a booze cruise where two Aston Martin sports cars were given away. Frivolity ensued.
Warren Buffett.

A crypto miner trolls Warren Buffett with bitcoin billboards outside his office

"Warren: you said you were wrong about Google and Amazon," the signs say. "Maybe you're wrong about Bitcoin?"
Oliver Harris, JPMorgan

JPMorgan has asked a 29-year-old highflier to draw up a cryptocurrency strategy

Oliver Harris, 29, is taking on a new role as head of crypto-assets strategy at the bank. Harris will also lead JPMorgan's Quorum project, the internal blockchain platform developed by the bank that has been rumoured to be preparing for a spinoff.
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase just rolled out 4 new crypto trading tools, and they offer a big clue to where the platform might be headed next

Coinbase is laser-focused on snagging investments from big financial institutions.

We got Gilfoyle’s entire PowerPoint presentation explaining cryptocurrency from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley,’ and it’s both us...

In episode seven of "Silicon Valley's" fifth season, Gilfoyle convinces Pied Piper CEO Richard Hendricks that the company should get into cryptocurrency. We asked HBO if we could get our hands on Gilfoyle's presentation, and the network sent it to us.

The cofounder of a streaming-music app has launched 2 crypto funds – and he thinks he’ll be managing $500 million by year end

Serial entrepeneur Jonathan Benassaya's IronChain Capital launched two mutual fund-like products for cryptocurrencies on Friday.

Cryptocurrencies are getting slammed after a raid at South Korea’s largest exchange

South Korean news editor Yonhap said prosecutors raided the country's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, on Thursday and Friday on suspicion of fraud.

MORGAN STANLEY: Here’s how the rise of cryptocurrencies could change the way central banks deal with future financial crises

Central banks are exploring the usage and creation of digital currencies following a boom in popularity of the likes of bitcoin. While no central bank has yet issued their own cryptocurrency, many are close to doing so.

‘He was like a hyena going after her:’ Theranos investor Tim Draper blames the company’s downfall on an investigative journalist

Early Theranos investor Tim Draper said that he stands by his earlier statement that Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is the victim of a witchhunt.