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Consumer Reports did not recommend Tesla's Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Model 3 fails to get recommendation from Consumer Reports because of ‘big flaws’

Tesla's Model 3 sedan did not receive a recommendation from Consumer Reports, which published its review of the vehicle on Monday. It criticized the Model 3's stopping distance, touchscreen, ride quality, rear seat, and the amount of wind noise it produced while driving at highway speeds.
A rendering of Zunum's new electric plane in JetSuite livery.

The electric plane startup backed by Boeing and JetBlue just sold 100 planes and the deal could spark a new era of air travel in the US

Zunum Aero wants its electric planes to make air travel cheaper, quicker, and more convenient for small communities around the US. Zunum is a Kirkland, Washington-based electric plane maker that's backed JetBlue and Boeing.

A Frontier Airlines passenger was caught urinating on the seat in front of him after being moved over claims he harassed 2 female passengers

A Frontier Airlines passenger was photographed urinating on the seat in front of him after allegedly verbally and assaulting two women in his previous seat, CBS affiliate CBS 4 reports. According to Fox affiliate Fox 31, the passenger had consumed alcohol on the flight.
Ford CEO Jim Hackett outlined the company's future at CES in January.

Ford bought a Silicon Valley startup that will work with the automaker’s rivals — here’s why that’s a good thing

In January, Ford purchased the Silicon Valley startup Autonomic, which is developing cloud software that auto and tech companies can use to connect vehicles and apps.
GM CEO Mary Barra.

The contrast between Tesla and the rest of the auto industry is terrifying

Tesla has lost billions while other automakers have raked in profits as auto sales have soared. Unless Tesla reverses this trend, it won't be able to weather a downturn when sales drop and profits vanish.

Tesla’s new $78,000 Model 3 is incredibly overpriced

Elon Musk took to Twitter in Saturday to announce a $78,000 version of the Tesla Model 3. The vehicle debuted with promises of a $35,000 base version.
Tesla's Autopilot has been attracting attention for the wrong reasons in recent months.

Tesla’s Autopilot used to be a huge advantage for the company— but now it’s becoming a problem

Tesla has repeatedly said Autopilot is meant to be used with an attentive driver whose hands are on the wheel, but in selling Autopilot through test drives, media appearances, and on its website, Tesla has taken steps that could create misconceptions about the feature.

Boeing passenger jet with over 100 passengers crashes after taking off from Havana

A passenger jet has crashed after taking off from José Martíi International Airport in Havana, Cuba. The plane is reportedly a Cubana Airlines Boeing 737 with more than 100 passengers on board.
During an event on Thursday, Elon Musk outlined plans for the high-speed Loop transit system.

Elon Musk says flying cars are a bad idea because they could ‘guillotine’ people on the ground

During an event for his tunnel-digging company, The Boring Company, on Thursday, Elon Musk explained why flying cars could be more trouble than they're worth. His biggest concerns are noise and the potential for a broken part to fall and hit someone on the ground.
According to the New York Fire Department's Twitter account, 32 people were injured in the collision, though no injuries were life-threatening.

More than 30 people hurt after two buses crash into each other in Lincoln Tunnel

Two New Jersey Transit buses crashed into each other in the Lincoln Tunnel on Friday, the Port Authority of New York and Jersey wrote on Twitter. According to the New York Fire Department's Twitter account, 32 people were injured in the collision.