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Increasingly, truckers don't have to rely on calling companies to find their next job.

Why Alphabet just led a $185 million investment round in a trucking startup

Increasingly, truckers don't have to rely on calling companies to find their next job. Silicon Valley has been investing in apps like Convoy that solve a leading issue in the $740 billion trucking industry. Alphabet recently led an investment round in Convoy that totaled $185 million.
A Swissport employee throws Ryanair passengers' luggage at Manchester Airport on September 20, 2018.

A Ryanair passenger filmed a baggage handler carelessly throwing luggage to the ground

A public relations firestorm ensued after a Ryanair passenger filmed a baggage handler at Manchester Airport throw passengers' luggage onto a conveyor cart with seemingly no regard for the contents inside.
A 2018 Toyota 4Runner Hybrid.

The 10 fastest-selling used SUVs in America

The automotive search engine iSeeCars.com recently commissioned a study to look at the used car industry. iSeeCars.com found that the fastest selling used SUV on the market is the Toyota RAV 4, with the RAV4 Hybrid coming in at fourth place and the Toyota 4Runner finishing in ninth place.
Elon Musk.

Another Tesla executive has reportedly left the company. Here are all the key names who have departed this year.

Tesla is known for its high rate of executive turnover, and this year has been no different. As the company has faced questions about its operations, finances, and leadership, departures from senior employees have only added to the impression of instability.
Passengers wait for their luggage after arriving on American Airlines flights at O'Hare International Airport on November 30, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.

The world’s 3 biggest airlines have all raised their checked baggage fees

American Airlines has joined Delta Air Lines and United Airlines in raising the fee of one checked bag from $25 to $30, and of a second checked bag from $35 to $40. The change in price begins for American Airlines tickets purchased beginning on Friday, September 21.
A 2018 Nissan Titan XD

The 12 fastest-selling used pickup trucks in America

iSeeCars.com found that the fastest-selling used pickup truck on the market is the Honda Ridgeline, with an average of only 39.3 days on the market. They studied a pool of 4 million used-cars that were 1-to-3-years old and had been sold between January and July 2018.
Tesla's Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 scores 5-star safety rating from NHTSA

Tesla's Model 3 received a five-star rating in the frontal crash, side crash, and rollover categories, and some of its driver assistance features — like forward collision warning, lane departure warning, crash imminent braking, and dynamic brake support — met the agency's performance tests.
Elon Musk

DOJ probe into Tesla will plague the company for months, lawyers say

It's too early to tell where the Department of Justice's (DOJ) inquiry into Tesla will lead, but it will likely require the company's attention for months, if not years, former DOJ lawyers told Business Insider.
A Jet Airways Boeing 737.

Passengers on a Jet Airways flight ended up with bloody ears and noses after pilots forgot to pressurize the plane

Pilots of a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur in India forgot to pressurize the Boeing 737's cabin, leading some passengers to report bleeding from their ears and noses due to low cabin-pressure levels, CNN reported.

Emirates denies report that it is looking to take over Etihad to create global mega-airline

Emirates Airline has denied a report that it is considering a takeover of fellow Persian Gulf carrier Etihad. Bloomberg reported that the Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based airline could take over its financially challenged rival to create the world's largest airline in terms of passenger traffic.