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These stories are cringe-worthy.

Black Friday workers share the most outrageous things they’ve seen on the job

Retail workers share the most ridiculous things they've seen on Black Friday.

The most absurd Black Friday fails throughout the years

Many Black Friday stories end horrifically, but these tales from the retail industry will make you want to roll your eyes.
Black Friday is madness.

People reveal the best things they’ve seen happen on Black Friday

Retail employees and bewildered shoppers share the best, almost unbelievable things they've seen happen on Black Friday.
Shop like a pro.

Black Friday workers share their 12 best tips for shoppers

Who better to help shoppers score the best deals than the people who work Black Friday?

11 insider facts most Black Friday workers know — and you probably don’t

To unearth the lesser-known facts about Black Friday, Business Insider surveyed more than 40 retail workers.

These stores made big moves to defy the retail apocalypse

Big efforts to draw in customers during the holiday season paid off for brands like Target and Kohl's.

Now is the best time to go holiday shopping if you hate crowds

If you want less-crowded stores, aim for the middle of December.

Amazon just revealed its best-selling Black Friday item that helped it dominate sales online

Amazon took the online-sales crown on Thanksgiving weekend, and it has a few of its devices to thank for that.

Black Friday is dead — and it’s being replaced by an even bigger shopping event

Analysts are proclaiming the death of Black Friday — and the rise of "Black November."
A worker inside an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is getting a boost from Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is expected to be the single biggest shopping day in America's history. Amazon is trading higher on the shopping holiday.