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New evidence emerges that Russia infiltrated Facebook to sow political chaos in the US

Russia's efforts were also most likely bolstered — intentionally or not — by the Trump campaign, experts have said.

Walmart pulls ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt after police accuse retailer of ‘profiting from racial division’

The hoodie and shirt featured the slogan, "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter," and were being sold through Walmart Marketplace.

A black 17-year-old reported his stolen car using an app … and police reportedly arrested him instead

Even though the kid showed the police where his car was, they arrested him instead, according to Tristan Riddell.

A public defender walking the streets of Charlotte has an inspirational message for the protesters — and they’re listening

Public defender Toussaint Romain is trying to keep the peace in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There appears to be a huge gap between what black and white people see on social media

The study, "Social Media Conversations About Race," showed that there is a divide in how black and white Americans talk about race on social-networking sites.

Black Lives Matter pushes back on Ohio Senate endorsement after local group backs Republican

"At some point, minority communities must carefully examine the impact of relying solely on the Democratic Sample Ballot on Election Day."

A Black Lives Matter protest turned into a BBQ with police after meeting with the police chief

Some of the attendees said that it was the first time they had ever sat down with a police officer, according to The Eagle.

Obama says critics of the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ may be misunderstanding it

It "refers to the notion that there's a specific vulnerability for African-Americans that needs to be addressed."

Donald Trump suggests he understands racial bias: ‘Even against me, the system is rigged’

Trump says he can relate to African-Americans who feel as if they do not get a fair shot because of their race.