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The world’s largest investor says a $3.8 trillion market faces growing climate change risk

BlackRock warns in a new report that climate change poses a threat to an increasingly large part of the US municipal bond market.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says he sees a ‘risk of a melt up, not a melt down’ for markets

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink says he sees the "risk of a melt up, not a melt down" for markets. The asset management CEO sees prices rising further from here.

BlackRock beats earnings expectations, as assets tick up

Last quarter, the world's largest asset manager saw a slight dip in assets under management, but that picked back up as markets recovered.

This 23 year-old knocked on the door of a BlackRock fund manager in London’s wealthiest neighbourhood and found himself launched into a career i...

Reggie Nelson was a promising soccer player from a social housing estate in London who ended up getting a job in finance against the odds.

BlackRock accidentally posted spreadsheets full of information on thousands of financial advisors that use its ETFs, calling some ‘dabblers̵...

The world's largest asset manager reportedly linked three spreadsheets of detailed info on the firm's advisor clients on its website for its ETF line.

BlackRock chief Larry Fink tells CEOs to fix society’s problems in an increasingly divided world

Companies should take stronger action in societal issues, from infrastructure to retirement, writes Larry Fink in his widely-read missive to CEOs.

Someone wrote a fake letter pretending to be BlackRock CEO Larry Fink and some reporters got duped

A letter purportedly from BlackRock's CEO that urged direct action on climate change is fake, but some media outlets reported the news on the firm's fourth-quarter earnings day.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit in February 2017.

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is getting smaller

BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, saw a decline in its assets under management last quarter.

BlackRock and Microsoft want to make retirement investing as easy as ordering an Uber

The tech and finance partners plan to launch a product for companies to offer next year.

MORGAN STANLEY: Big asset managers saw shares take a hit in 2018, and the pain is only beginning

BlackRock is best positioned for long-term growth amid industry headwinds that will pressure the firm's peers, Morgan Stanley says.