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The best weighted blankets you can buy

Weighted blankets can help you sleep better and relieve stress. These are the best weighted blankets to help you achieve maximum comfort.
The author enjoying the sweet relief of a sand-free beach blanket.

This $30 beach blanket lays flat and doesn’t fly away — here’s why I’ll never go to the beach or park without it

This Parasheet Beach Blanket from Grand Trunk is innovative because it has sand pockets so it doesn't fly away. It's also easy to clean and transport.
First, there was the burrito blanket. Now, there's the taco blanket.

You can now buy a taco blanket that lets you curl up like your favorite snack

First, there was the burrito blanket. Now, there's a taco-shaped blanket to take nap time to the next level.
A new blanket lets you turn yourself into a human burrito.

You can now buy a tortilla blanket so you can curl up like a burrito

A tortilla blanket is going viral for allowing you to curl up into a human burrito. It appears to be the $44.95 Burrito Blanket by Zen Life.

I slept under a 15-pound weighted blanket for a week — and it was the best sleep I’ve had in ages

Weighted blankets work like the adult version of swaddling babies or "anxiety jackets" for dogs— applying pressure that relaxes the nervous system and encourages your body’s production of serotonin. I tested one recently, and I've been extremely surprised by the impact it has made on my sleep quality.

This beautifully woven weighted blanket helped me sleep better at night — and it relieved my partner’s restlessness

The Bearaby Napper weighted blanket helped me sleep better and relieved my partner's restlessness. Here is our full review of the weighted blanket.