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Anwar reportedly told Bloomberg he will take over as Malaysia’s Prime Minister around May 2020

He added that there could be other individuals "with ambitions with their own design", but said he considered these "quite irrelevant".

Hedge funds have already seen nearly $20 billion more in outflows this year than in all of 2018

Hedge funds lost $8.4 billion through investor outflows in July, hitting a net withdrawal of $55.9 billion year-to-date.

Apple’s sleek new titanium credit card may be weeks away from launching

The Apple Card's release date may only be weeks away, says a new report. The Apple Card was announced in March and is set to launch this summer.
An annotated screengrab of an untrue story, provided by research group Citizen Lab as an example of a coordinated disinformation campaign.

A vast disinformation network of copycat fake news sites with names like ‘Bloomberq’ and ‘The Indepnedent’ has been pinned on ...

The network — dubbed Endless Mayfly — circulated untrue articles seeking to advance narratives critical of Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces he’s not running for president

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor and onetime Republican, is not running for president in 2020.

Here’s what Apple is planning for its 2019 iPhones

The biggest change to the next iPhones? A better camera.
Many federal government employees are looking for second jobs, like in grocery stores or as Uber drivers.

The White House is exaggerating how bad the government shutdown will be for the economy, a group of analysts say

A Bloomberg survey of 30 economists suggests that the negative economic impact of the government shutdown is likely around 0.32 percentage points.

Ex-Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein reportedly met with the fugitive financier involved in a $6.5bn Malaysian wealth fund scandal

Reports suggest that former Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein was present at a meeting in 2009, to help establish ties with Malaysian officials before the fund was set up.
Apple's new MacBook Air might look similar to the Huawei Mate Pro X (pictured above)

Apple may announce a new MacBook this month: Here’s everything we’ve heard about it

Apple will release a new MacBook Air later this year, according to a Bloomberg report.
Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon exec joins Apple in calling for a retraction of Bloomberg’s explosive microchip spying report

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, has echoed Tim Cook in calling for Bloomberg's report on a Chinese hardware hack to be retracted.