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You can restart your Chromebook in a few different ways.

‘Do Chromebooks have Bluetooth?’: Most Chromebooks do — here’s how to connect your device in 4 simple steps

Most Chromebooks have Bluetooth, and it's easy to connect your computer with compatible devices. Here's how to do it.
I've been able to shave three minutes off my mile time with the help of the Soul Electronics wireless headphones (currently $109).

These wireless earbuds have built-in AI technology that provides real-time coaching as I’m running — I’ve cut my mile time by more t...

The wireless earbuds have built-in artificial technology that learns your particular running style for real-time coaching. Here's how they work.
You can remove your Apple ID from an Apple Watch in a few simple steps.

How to activate an Apple Watch and set it up for use, with your iPhone nearby

It's easy to activate your Apple Watch as long as you have your iPhone nearby. Here's what you need to know to do it.
There are two ways to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone.

How to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone in 2 ways, to prevent anyone from sending you unwanted files

There are two ways to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone: through your Settings app or the Control Center. Here's what you should know.

There’s a rumor that AirPods and other wireless headphones cause cancer, but the truth is more complicated

Scientists are worried about unknown risks of radiation from all kinds of electronic devices that surround us every day, not just wireless headphones.
Here are the best ways to fix an Apple Watch that isn't pairing with your iPhone.

‘Why isn’t my Apple Watch pairing?’: 5 ways to fix your Apple Watch and iPhone when they aren’t connecting

If your Apple Watch isn't pairing with your iPhone, there are a number of ways you can fix the connection. Here's what you need to know.

It looks like Apple is planning a clever way to help you find things you misplace with a system called ‘AirTags’ — here’s how ...

It sounds a lot like the Tile system, but it also looks as if seeks to use some of the chips and tech in the iPhone 11 to help you find things faster.

People have been lining up at Apple stores to buy the new $250 AirPods Pro

The lines aren't quite as extensive as those for new iPhones, but before Apple's new AirPods Pro, I had never seen people line up to buy headphones.

There are 3 key reasons to buy Apple’s new $250 AirPods Pro instead of the regular AirPods

The AirPods Pro seem to address the biggest issues people have with the regular AirPods. It's just a shame it costs $250 to address those issues.
It's easy to connect an Xbox One controller to your iPad with Bluetooth.

How to connect an Xbox One controller to your iPad in 3 steps with Bluetooth pairing

You can connect an Xbox One controller to your iPad to bring your tablet gaming to a new level of enjoyment and competition. Here's how to do it.