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Bose's new Noise Cancelling Headphone 700 are a step up above the tried-and-true QC series.

Bose is releasing new $400 wireless headphones with better noise-cancelling and — finally — a new design

The new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone 700 have better noise-cancelling than the tried-and-true QC series, and they finally come with a new design.

These $400 headphones have the strangest design I’ve ever seen — but they’re still my go-to pair, even after a year of using them

Nura's Nuraphone headphones sound phenomenal, since they can tune themselves to the way you hear sound.
You can change the name of your AirPods in a few quick steps.

How to change your AirPods’ name, and make them easier to find in Bluetooth menus

Changing the name of your AirPods changes how they display in Bluetooth menus. Here's how to change your AirPods' name and make them easier to find.
You can connect almost any Bluetooth device with a Mac.

How to easily connect Bluetooth headphones to your Mac computer

You can easily connect Bluetooth headphones to a Mac computer in a few steps. Here's how to connect and remove them.
The Scuf Vantage gamepad for PlayStation 4.

I tried the $200 PlayStation 4 controller that people are buzzing about and it was a huge letdown

Despite all the hype, I don't think the $200 Scuf Vantage controller is worth the money.
AirDrop is one of the easiest ways to share files between Mac computers and other Apple devices.

How to AirDrop files from a Mac computer to other Apple devices

Here's a guide on how to turn on AirDrop discovery on a Mac computer, and use it to send files to or receive files from any Apple device nearby.

I’ve tried countless wireless headphones for working out, but I keep coming back to this $60 pair

Despite the passage of time and newer designs, I keep coming back to Urbanears' Hellas wireless headphones, which even include machine-washable parts.

This $70 accessory is a must if you want to play your Nintendo Switch with wireless headphones

Do you wish you could play your Nintendo Switch at night without disturbing others? Now you can.

How to use AirPods and pair them with almost any phone or device

Here's a guide on how to use your AirPods – including how to pair and configure them with your iPhone or another device.