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‘Ma’ is the latest hit from Hollywood’s hottest horror studio — here are 9 other movies that show how it rules the box of...

Blumhouse specializes in small-budget horror movies that make big bucks at the box office, including "Get Out" and "Halloween."

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is tracking to make more money than ‘Get Out’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ in its opening weekend...

"Us," from "Get Out" director Jordan Peele, is expected to have a huge opening at the box office this weekend.
Would you want to see characters together from different Blumhouse movies? From left to right, here's Tree (Jessica Rothe) from "Happy Death Day", the Purge, and Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) from "Get Out."

The man behind hits ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Split,’ and ‘Get Out’ is interested in doing his own cinematic univers...

Producer Jason Blum spoke with INSIDER about "Happy Death Day 2U" and how he's interested in trying to figure out a larger cinematic universe for some of his characters.

The producer of Netflix’s critically acclaimed thriller, ‘Cam,’ said he’d love to make a sequel

Jason Blum tweeted that he'd "love to make" a sequel to Blumhouse's new Netflix thriller, "Cam."

Stephen King loved Netflix’s new psychological thriller, ‘Cam,’ from Hollywood’s hottest horror studio

"Cam," a new psychological-thriller film on Netflix and Blumhouse, was praised by Stephen King on Twitter.

‘Halloween’ easily wins the box office for a second-straight weekend, and has already brought in over $100 million domestically

The latest "Halloween" continues to be a cash cow for Universal and Blumhouse as the movie won the domestic box office for a second-straight weekend.

The new ‘Halloween’ movie used nostalgia to dominate the box office, and didn’t make the same mistake the ‘Predator’ and...

"Halloween" is a box-office smash. It's the latest horror movie to become a hit, but the movie also taps into nostalgia which helped propel it to success.
Jamie Lee Curtis in "Halloween."

‘Halloween’ earned $77.5 million over the weekend, the biggest opening ever for the franchise

The Blumhouse-produced new "Halloween" earned an incredible $77.5 million over the weekend, which is the biggest opening ever for the franchise, and for Blumhouse. It's also the second-biggest opening ever for a horror movie.

‘Halloween’ is poised to have the biggest horror-movie opening of the year and has already broken a record

The new 'Halloween' movie is eyeing a big opening weekend that could exceed $65 million, which would continue the horror genre's win streak and add to an already impressive October box office.

The 7 highest-grossing indie movies at the US box office this summer

It's not all about the superhero blockbusters at the summer box office. Indie movies have had a great run, too, and managed to break through the noise. Here are the seven highest-grossing ones in the US this summer.