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IBM invests about $500 million annually on the professional development of employees.

Digital badges are the newest effort to help employees stave off the robots — and major companies are getting on board

Some companies are starting to embrace ongoing skill-based learning programs for their employees. IBM, EY, and Salesforce have begun issuing digital badges.
Call centers like the one in Drake's "Hotline Bling" may soon be a thing of the past.

How chatbots could change customer service over the next 5 years

Artificial intelligence is becoming smarter, but that doesn't mean humans will disappear entirely from customer service.

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Their companies are using artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies to address common workplace complaints.

Augmented reality is already changing the way big companies do business

Augmented reality, or AR, could be what's next after the smartphone. And it's already changing the way companies do business.

12 of the most cutting-edge workplace innovations inside fast-growing tech companies

Companies like Google and Facebook tend to have some of the most cutting-edge workspaces around in order to foster world-changing innovation.