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You can bring your friends along for the ride with a giant, inflatable pool float that's shaped like a boat.

Amazon now sells a boat-shaped pool float that fits up to 6 people and has a built-in cooler

Sun Pleasure's "6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party Island" comes with eight cup holders so you can have a party out on the water.
Witnesses capture video footage of a "Ride The Ducks" duck boat facing stormy weather in Missouri.

Videos show tourist boats struggling against waves on Missouri lake where 17 people died in capsizing

Seventeen people, including children, are dead after a tourist "duck boat" capsized during inclement weather in a Missouri lake.
A group of Chinese tourists take a selfie next to the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand.

Backlash following a deadly boat accident could cause a $1.5 billion hit to Thailand’s economy

Amid calls in China to boycott Thailand following a boat accident off the southern island of the country that left at least 45 dead, most of them Chinese tourists, some economists estimate Bangkok will see its tourism industry lose more than a billion dollars in revenue this year.