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Search and rescue works are conducted in Iran after a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 crashed after takeoff on Wednesday.

Everything we know so far about the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 crash in Iran

New video verified by The New York Times showed that two missiles struck the plane, setting it on fire before it crashed and killed everyone aboard.
An Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max plane.

Family members of Boeing 737 Max crash victims say they spent the night ‘agonizing’ over being the ‘punchline’ to internal mes...

Parents of Danielle Moore and Samya Rose Stumo, who died in a 737 Max crash in March, criticized Boeing's internal messages in statements to Insider.

The Boeing 737 that crashed in Iran wasn’t a Max plane — here are the main differences between the two aircraft

While the grounded Boeing 737 Max and Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft are similar in appearance, the two are completely different.
Debris of Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 near Tehran airport on January 8 2020.

Ukrainian Flight 752 was on fire and seemed to be turning back before it crashed in Iran and killed 176 people, the first report into the disaster sai...

Iran's first report into the Ukraine International Airlines crash said the jet encountered unnamed technical problems, though speculation remains.

Boeing 737 timeline: From the early days to the grounding of the 737 Max after 2 fatal crashes that killed 346 people 5 months apart

As Boeing works to fix the troubled 737 Max, we look back at the 55-year history of the venerable workhorse narrow-body airplane.
A member of a rescue team walks among debris from a plane belonging to Ukraine International Airlines, that crashed after a take-off from Iran's Imam Khomeini airport, on the outskirts of Tehran, Iran January 8, 2020

Boeing sees $4.3 billion of market value erased after a fatal 737 crash in Iran

The jet involved is a predecessor to the 737 Max, the model grounded around the world after two fatal crashes and intense regulatory scrutiny.
People check the debris from a plane crash belonging to Ukraine International Airlines after take-off from Iran's Imam Khomeini airport, on the outskirts of Tehran, Iran January 8, 2020.

These are the nationalities of the 176 people killed in the Ukraine International Airlines crash in Iran

The victims were 82 Iranian citizens, 63 Canadians, and 11 Ukrainians, as well as citizens from Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany, and the UK.
Footage from inside the Boeing 737 aircraft shows sparks flying.

Video shows the front wheels of a Boeing 737 collapsing on landing, shooting sparks and terrifying passengers on board

The flight, by Venezuela's Avior Airlines, skidded along the runway in Bogotá, Colombia, throwing up sparks from its right engine. Nobody was hurt.
Photo showing the aircraft after its crash-landing at Odessa airport.

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 crashed off the runway when its front wheels collapsed during a bad weather landing

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft suffered damage to its nose as a result of the accident, although no passengers or crew were injured.

The NTSB says Boeing should redesign the engine housing on its 737 jets, which was partly to blame for a deadly Southwest accident

The NTSB issued the recommendation as part of its investigation into Southwest Flight 1380 last year. An engine failure killed one passenger.