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Undelivered Boeing 737 Max planes are parked idly in a Boeing property in Seattle, Washington, on August 13, 2019.

Boeing expects to resume delivering 737 Max jets to airlines in December, before the jet carries passengers again

The company said it had completed simulator test flights with the Federal Aviation Administration to certify software fixes to the plane.
American Airlines Boeing 737 Max in the company's Tulsa facility.

US airlines are pulling the 737 Max from their schedules until March, suggesting they’re losing faith in Boeing’s plans to get the plane f...

American and Southwest said they would pull the Boeing 737 Max from their schedules until at least the first week of March 2020.
The cockpit of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in June 2018.

New report reveals why Boeing’s 737 Max has taken so long to return to service

The decision to redesign the 737 Max's flight computer came after pilots, testing a software fix in a flight simulator, experienced a near crash.

Boeing’s latest crisis is growing after an airline found cracks on two 737 planes that weren’t due for inspection yet

Lion Air, the airline involved in the first 737 Max crash, has found cracks on some of its 737NG planes that were below an inspection threshold.
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 plane lands at Lisbon, Portugal, in September 2018.

Ryanair quietly grounded Boeing 737 planes over ‘pickle fork’ cracking, becoming the latest airline to act on the problem

The budget airline grounded at least three 737NG planes, The Guardian reported. Multiple airlines have done the same in recent weeks.
A 787 Dreamliner being built at Boeing's plant in North Charleston, South Carolina. The whistleblower, John Barnett, worked at this plant.

Boeing faces new whistleblower complaint as former engineer says faulty 787 Dreamliner systems could leave passengers without oxygen in emergencies

John Barnett told the BBC that he found faulty emergency oxygen bottles on the 787 Dreamliner in 2016 and that the company stonewalled his complaint.

Boeing’s CEO will forgo most of his pay for 2020, following sharp criticism from Congress over the company’s 737 Max scandal

The company's chairman told CNBC's Squawk Box that the board still has full faith in CEO Dennis Muilenburg despite the 737 Max scandal.
El Al flight LY1747 took a detour during its final journey on Sunday November 3, 2019, to recreate the 747's famous outline in the sky.

Israel’s El Al airline paid tribute to a retiring Boeing 747 by making its final flight path the shape of the plane

During the flight, pilots flew the plane in a pattern resembling the shape of a 747, which was then picked up by flight tracking website Flightradar.
An Ethiopian police officer walks past debris of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash in March 2019.

A union for 28,000 American Airlines cabin crew has told Boeing’s CEO its members are scared of getting back on the 737 Max

Lori Bassani, who leads the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, wrote to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg about the 737 Max crisis.
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg in front of Congress on Wednesday, after he questioned about his claims not to know about the company's efforts to move families' 737 Max lawsuits out of the US.

Boeing’s CEO was at a loss for words when he got hammered over attempts to move lawsuits from 737 Max victims’ relatives to Indonesia

The House Transportation Committee grilled Dennis Muilenburg about Boeing's efforts to move lawsuits from the Lion Air crash to Indonesia.