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The Boeing 737 Max 8.

The US government wants to audit how the Boeing 737 Max got approved to fly by the FAA

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is requesting an audit on how the Boeing 737 Max was certified by the FAA to enter service.
A Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The Boeing 737 Max is likely to be the last version of the best-selling airliner of all time

The Boeing 737 has been pushed as far as it can go. Boeing will need a new plane in the future to take on Airbus.
Ethiopian Federal policemen stand at the scene of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash, near the town of Bishoftu

Everything we know about Ethiopian Airlines’ deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8, the second disaster involving the plane in 5 months, and what B...

The crash, which is similar to that of Lion Air in October, has prompted several countries to ban the aircraft in question from their airspace.
Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg gestures during an event at the Farnborough Airshow, south west of London, on July 16, 2018.

Boeing’s CEO wrote an open letter about the 737 Max plane groundings — here’s what he says the company is doing after 2 deadly crash...

After two of its planes crashed in less than five months, Boeing says a software update will be ready by the end of the month.
People stand near debris at the crash site of the Ethiopia Airlines flight in Ethiopia, on March 11, 2019.

The Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes show eerie similarities — here are all the things they have in common

While investigators have not released their final reports about the crashes, there appears to be a number of similarities between them.
The Southwest Airlines passenger's marijuana cigarette reportedly set off a fire alarm.

One US airline will likely bear the brunt of the Boeing 737 Max ban

Southwest Airlines will face greater logistical challenges than its US competitors after the grounding of Boeing 737 Max planes, Henry Harteveldt said.
A Boeing 737 Max 8.

Investigators are pouring over black box data from the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max to unlock the cause behind the crash. Here’s what a bla...

An airplane's black boxes are its flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). They aren't black, but actually bright orange.

Boeing and the FAA were reportedly told about issues with the 737 Max software 4 days before the plane’s 2nd deadly crash

The Seattle Times says it presented internal safety analyses to both parties 11 days ago — well before the Ethiopian Airlines crash last Sunday.

Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crash black boxes reportedly showed ‘clear similarities,’ according to transport minister

Ethiopia's transport minister reportedly told The Wall Street Journal that the black boxes from both crashes showed similar data.

The worst outcome for Boeing after two deadly crashes involving its 737 Max 8 aircraft could lead airlines to lose trust in the company, an expert say...

After two deadly crashes in five months involving its 737 Max 8 aircraft, Boeing finds itself in a precarious position.