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Trevor Noah addressed the India-Pakistan conflict on 'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.'

Trevor Noah apologized for making a Bollywood joke about the India-Pakistan conflict, that teetered on the brink of war and killed at least 10 people

Conflict between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan left them on the brink of war, but tensions have de-escalated since the return of a captured pilot.

Indian superstar Kamal Haasan just made a Facebook video where he calls Anwar ‘a beacon of hope’

The upcoming election will pave the way for Anwar's rise to the position Prime Minister, as promised by Mahathir.

A Bollywood production company is about to steal PewDiePie’s top spot on YouTube — and viewers are watching it play out in real time

It will probably take about two months for PewDiePie to lose his spot to the Bollywood production company, T-Series.
Actor Akshay Kumar on the set of "Padman," an upcoming Bollywood film that aims to increase access to sanitary products for women and girls.

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar will be in a new feminist movie about menstrual pads

Akshay Kumar will play the lead in "Padman," a new feminist Bollywood movie that seeks to remove the stigma around periods in India and around the world.

We went to the Oscars of Bollywood, a 5-hour extravaganza of glamorous stars, glitzy dances, and 25,000 crazed fans

It was a night of glitz and glamour at the MetLife Stadium on Saturday, which hosted the International Indian Film Academy's (IIFA) annual awards ceremony.