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Morgan Stanley fined $22 million over alleged bond-market ‘pump and dump’ scheme

The bank bought French bond futures to prop up its Belgian bond holdings and sell the latter assets, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers alleged on Tuesday.

China will raise a record $6 billion through bond sale that saw massive demand

Investors placed orders for more $20 billion worth of the dollar bonds, according to a report from Bloomberg.

‘Bond King’ Jeff Gundlach says the Fed may start expanding its balance sheet after injecting $128 billion into markets

Expanding the balance sheet is a way of "baby stepping" into quantitative easing, Gundlach said on Tuesday.

Investors are more worried than ever that a major recession or market crash is right around the corner

New stock-market records are masking concerns under the surface. But investors surveyed by Allianz are worried about what's going on.

The safest US bonds are offering their worst returns since the 2016 presidential election — and that’s a major warning sign the economy is...

Falling Treasury yields have caught industry watchers off guard. In January, no one expected them to fall below 2.5%.

A Wall Street investment chief overseeing $26 billion breaks down why recession fears are overblown, even as the market clamors for Fed relief

The yield-curve inversion between 10-year Treasurys and 3-month notes is a signal of low inflation, not imminent recession, industry watchers argue.
Flashing red lights.

The bond market is sending a ‘clear warning’ that stocks are topping

Numerous yield curve inversions are a sign that equities are topping and the S&P 500 could cap at 2,800, according to analysts from Societe Generale.
Flashing red lights.

A closely followed recession indicator just flashed red for the 2nd time this year

An inverted yield curve, which has historically signaled a recession is coming, has occurred for the second time this year.

Recession fears trigger sea of red in Asian stocks; US and Europe are are only slightly lower

Warnings in the bond market sent Asian equities plummeting, but US futures and European shares were either flat or only slightly lower early Monday.
The 10-year Treasury yield vs. S&P 500 change

‘Something is wrong’: 2 major US markets are out of whack

Either the benchmark US 10-year Treasury yield is too high, or the S&P 500 is too low, Deutsche Bank said in a new note.