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Marc Andreessen shares his best advice for growing companies in Elad Gil's latest book, "High Growth Handbook."

Early Facebook investor Marc Andreessen says one of the biggest mistakes that startups make is hiring an HR leader too late

In an interview with tech luminary Elad Gil for his new book "High Growth Handbook," tech investor Marc Andreessen says companies should hire a HR leader when it has somewhere between 50 and 150 employees. There's a reason for that figure.
Schedule in your "relationship priorities."

A counterintuitive change to your daily schedule can make you feel happier and less busy

Schedule time to spend with friends and family in order to feel happier and less busy, says Laura Vanderkam in her new book, "Off the Clock." It's a more memorable way to pass your days than browsing social media.
Amazon's reviews for James Comey's A Higher Loyalty is limited to verified purchasers.

Amazon is limiting reviews on James Comey’s new book — and some people are furious

Amazon is limiting reviews on James Comey's "A Higher Loyalty."
Stop thinking about doing, and start doing.

A Stanford professor explains how ‘design thinking’ can help you lose weight, stop worrying, and change your life

In "The Achievement Habit," Stanford engineering professor Bernard Roth explains how design thinking can help you get to the root of any problem — and solve it.
Dating can be hard — even when people are honest about what they want.

There’s a troublesome difference between what men say they want in a romantic partner and who they choose to date

Dating successful women may prompt some men to feel insecure about their own achievements, writes Jenna Birch in "The Love Gap."
It's a slippery slope toward divorce.

There’s one big reason to break up with someone, even if you love them

It may be time to break up if two people in a relationship are on different life timelines, argues Jenna Birch in "The Love Gap."
Lose weight without losing your mind.

2 formerly obese economists who lost a combined 120 pounds in 18 months say ‘meta-rules’ were a key part of their success

The authors of "The Economists' Diet" recommend minimizing choice in your diet by creating "meta-rules," such as, "During the week, I have salad for lunch."
If you're looking to shed pounds, look no further than an economics textbook. Rob Barnett is pictured before and after losing weight.

2 formerly obese economists who lost a combined 120 pounds in 18 months relied on a controversial weight-loss strategy

Christopher Payne and Rob Barnett, the authors of "The Economists' Diet," recommend weighing yourself every day if you're trying to lose weight.
In fact, they think it's great.

An American who asked French women about successful marriages learned a surprising tip: Flirt with other people

In "How to Be Married," Jo Piazza writes that French people flirt in front of their spouses. Many Americans are unsure how to feel about flirting while married.