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The Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving free agency hype is reaching a fever pitch and rumors, reports, and more have created a trail of bread crumbs to follow

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving's impending free agency has been a source of constant speculation in the NBA, and it's only growing as the offseason approaches.

Kyrie Irving has reportedly become ‘disengaged and detached’ as the Celtics fall apart, and nobody knows what’s going on

Kyrie Irving's season has included tense media sessions and public criticism of his teammates, leaving some wondering what the star guard's future is with the Celtics.
The 76ers have a "Big Four" in Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid, and now Tobias Harris.

A frenzied NBA trade deadline has turned the top of the Eastern Conference into one of the most compelling races in the league

The NBA trade deadline saw the Bucks, Raptors, and Sixers all make huge deals, with the Celtics standing pat, to create a top-heavy exciting race in the Eastern Conference
Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma are reportedly part of the Lakers' trade offer to the Pelicans.

The key to an Anthony Davis trade may be a 20-year-old Celtics player who has the entire saga in limbo

The Celtics can offer the best trade package for Anthony Davis if they include Jayson Tatum. It could force the Pelicans to reject the Lakers' offers.

Anthony Davis’ league-shaking trade request has thrown a wrench in the Celtics’ master plan

The Celtics were viewed as the favorites to land Anthony Davis for a long time, but with Kyrie Irving waffling on a future commitment, the path to landing Davis is suddenly more complicated.

6 trades that make sense for an Anthony Davis blockbuster, ranked

Anthony Davis may be on the move in the next NBA blockbuster trade, and teams like the Lakers, the Celtics, the Knicks, and maybe even the Bulls could be involved.

Anthony Davis’ trade demand sets up an high-stakes showdown over the next 10 days

Anthony Davis' trade demand comes 10 days before the trade deadline, so teams may have to blow the Pelicans away with an offer to land Davis this year.

LeBron James was eating dinner with Kevin Love when Kyrie Irving called to apologize for bristling at LeBron’s leadership on the Cavs

Kyrie Irving's struggles leading the Celtics motivated him to call LeBron James and admit he wasn't the easiest person to lead when they were on the Cavs.