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"The Goldfinch"

13 of the biggest box-office flops of 2019 so far

The latest major box-office bomb of the year is Warner Bros.' adaptation of "The Goldfinch." Here are the biggest 2019 flops so far.
(L-R) Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in "Hustlers."

‘Hustlers’ gave Jennifer Lopez the biggest live-action box office opening of her career with $33.2 million

'Hustlers' surpassed industry projections giving STXfilms a much-needed win, while Warner Bros,' but 'The Goldfinch' is a box office bust.

The 10 highest-grossing summer blockbuster movies of all time

More than one "Star Wars" movie makes it into the 10 more successful summer blockbusters at the United States box office.
Jennifer Lopez in "Hustlers."

‘Hustlers’ is poised to give ‘It: Chapter Two’ a run for its money at the box office this weekend

As positive reviews and Oscar buzz pour in for "Hustlers," the chances that it could actually beat "It: Chapter Two" at the box office are growing.

7 great movies that have flopped at the box office this year

From "The LEGO Movie 2" to "Booksmart," there are plenty of well-reviewed movies that audiences haven't shown up for in 2019.

8 movie sequels that have disastrously flopped at the box office this year

From "Dark Phoenix" to "Men in Black: International," these sequels have failed to attract audiences and dragged down the total box office.

‘Joker’ is projected to break multiple box-office records when it hits theaters

With positive reviews and buzz surrounding it out of the Venice Film Festival, "Joker" could break $100 million when it opens next month.
"Angel Has Fallen."

‘Angel Has Fallen’ continues to take advantage of the quiet late summer box office

With 'It Chapter Two' opening next weekend big movies are keeping clear, so 'Angel Has Fallen' took advantage with a second-straight box office win.
Linda Hamilton in "Terminator: Dark Fate"

James Cameron says ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ could launch a new trilogy if it’s a box-office success. We talked to experts about its c...

Analysts think there's potential for "Terminator: Dark Fate" to breathe new life into the "Terminator" franchise, but it will face challenges.
"Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw"

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ has boosted a lackluster summer box office, as it puts up strong numbers in China

"Hobbs and Shaw" won't hit the box-office heights of its recent "Fast and Furious" predecessors, but the box office would be in trouble without it.