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A crowded pool in China.

Can you spot the doughnut among these pool floats?

It takes people an average of 22 seconds to solve this brainteaser. How long will it take you?

Can you spot the bee in this flower-filled brainteaser?

There's a bee hidden somewhere among these flowers. It takes most people 8 seconds to find it — how long will it take you?
The internet is confused by a parking lot optical illusion (not pictured above).

This optical illusion shows traffic seemingly disappearing off a bridge, and the internet can’t figure it out

Was traffic really disappearing as it turned the corner on a bridge? The internet came to some interesting conclusions.
Can you spot the turkeys?

The average time to solve this Christmas brainteaser is 3 minutes, how fast can you do it?

It takes most people three to four minutes to find all five turkeys in this Christmas brainteaser from Stay In Cornwall. How fast can you do it?
Red poppies.

This teacher accidentally created an optical illusion while doing arts and crafts with his students — can you see it?

When teacher Braden McKinnon drew flowers for his students to cut out, he unwittingly created an optical illusion using the Gestalt Continuity Law.
Where's the tree with the star on top?

There’s a star hidden among over 150 Christmas trees in this brain teaser — can you spot it?

This Christmas-themed brain teaser features over 150 trees and only one star. Can you find it?
What are the dots doing?

If you see 2 dots chasing each other in this optical illusion, it’s evidence of a quirk in human nature

Researchers at Yale University have developed a seriously confusing optical illusion that is proving our human nature has some bizarre quirks.
How many flashes do you see in this optical illusion?

This optical illusion uses sound to trick your eyes — here’s how it works

Caltech created the "Rabbit Illusion," an optical illusion that uses sound to trick your eyes, and people across the internet are stumped. Here's how it works.
Can you find the bat?

Most people can solve this brainteaser in 45 seconds — do you see the bat hiding in this Halloween brainteaser?

Hiding in this Halloween brainteaser filled with pumpkins, ghosts, and witches is a small vampire bat. According to Lenstore, most people can solve the puzzle in 45 seconds — can you?
The new brainteaser.

There’s a book hiding among a bunch of electronic gadgets in this new brainteaser — can you spot it?

A new brainteaser is going viral — are you able to spot the book that's hidden among all of your favorite electronics?